ClearObject for Manufacturing

Computer Vision and AI data analysis to transform manufacturing operations and improve the bottom line

Artificial Intelligence for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers constantly strive to increase quality and decrease costs. Vision AI accomplishes both these goals by analyzing data in real time to catch defects, avoid emergency repairs, and automate processes.

The Manufacturing Landscape is changing

Costs of materials are skyrocketing as supply chains remain impacted by world events. At the same time both competition and consumer expectations of quality are increasing. Many manufacturers are driving towards Lights-out Manufacturing as a way to reduce labor costs, increase safety, and accelerate production.

Manufacturers are looking for savings as cost of materials rise

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Predictive maintenance is being explored as a way to avoid emergency shut-downs

Labor costs are increasing while the cost of automation is decreasing

The importance of worker safety is on the rise

Success Story

Learn how ClearObject helped a world-leading manufacturer of construction materials accelerate their journey towards lights-out manufacturing by using Vision AI to increase automation, reduce scrap, and increase product quality. 

ClearObject Uniquely Solves these Challenges

AI models created by ClearObject Data Scientists analyze data in real time to deliver unique insights to improve operations, increase safety, drive profit margins, and more.  

Reduce Human Error

Computer Vision is 4-7X more accurate than trained humans at identifying manufacturing defects

Automate Tasks

Our highly-trained artifical intellience models can automate repetitive tasks once thought impossible

Improve Quality

ClearObject systems reduce defects and improve the efficiency of assembly processes to create higher-quality products at a lower cost

Equipment Monitoring

Avoid emergency shutdowns by tracking equipment health for potential failures and scheduling maintenance before it becomes a problem

Increase Efficiency

Begin the journey to Lights-out Manufacturing with CV solutions that run 24×7 and process thousands of images per minute

Outpace the Competition

Forward-thinking manufacturers across industries are partnering with ClearObject to improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce costs

CV technology is essential for automating the inspection of critical components in automotive manufacturing. By harnessing the power of machine learning and AI, we can now identify defects and anomalies that would be impossible to detect with the naked eye, enabling us to produce safer, more reliable vehicles.”

– Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota


On-Demand Webinars

Vision AI for Manufacturers

Vision AI is already helping manufacturers reduce waste, increase safety, and improve quality while increasing operational efficiency. Hear from Vision AI and Manufacturing experts from ClearObject and Google Cloud as we discuss the benefits of embracing Vision AI in your organization.

Generative AI for Manufacturers

Generative AI for Manufacturers

Learn how to harness the power of GenAI to drive better business outcomes in manufacturing. ClearObject AI experts will share their research and experiences helping manufacturers save time, gain efficiencies, improve workflows, and drive profits.

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Vision AI for Manufacturing Frequently Asked Questions

ClearVision’s Vision AI is cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) designed to process input from camera arrays quickly and accurately. ClearObject will train the AI to meet the individual needs of each manufacturing process.

Of course! There are many benefits to using AI in manufacturing, including:

  • ClearVision is faster and more accurate than traditional visual inspection methods.
  • AI processes data and presents actionable insights in real time.
  • AI improvements in automation increase safety
  • AI can 24x7 and increase throughput
  • High ROI increases your competitive position in the market

ClearVision for Manufacturing costs less than you think with a high ROI. Contact Us to get a quote based on your specific needs. 

A lights out manufacturing system, or “LOM”, is an automated production process that runs without the need for direct human supervision or intervention. The goal of a lights out manufacturing system is to reduce labor costs, increase efficiency and minimize human error. This is achieved by using advanced technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms.

Yes. ClearVision can work with your current cameras and integrates with popular asset management systems giving you complete control and insight to your data. Contact Us to learn more about our integrations.

ClearVision is a cloud-based AI analytics platform provided by ClearObject. Our hardware experts are available to consult on the right hardware requirements based on your specific needs, or we can tie our software to your existing camera technology.Our experts will help you select products to solve your unique challenges and work with you to determine who will procure and manage the hardware.