ClearVision for Manufacturing

Increase quality, save money, improve throughput, and optimize manufacturing operations with real-time analysis and visualization of vision data computed at the edge.

ClearObject creates custom Vision AI solutions to automate and augment manufacturing operations and provides actionable analytics to drive continuous improvement.

Image of ClearVision's graphical overlays on a manufacturing production line

The ClearVision Dashboard overlays visual analysis of processes and quality in real-time

ClearObject is leading the Vision AI Evolution

With ClearVision and our world-class Data Science team, ClearObject can build a full production vision system in as little as 2 weeks. Whether just getting started, or looking to manage existing data models, ClearVision solutions will help capture, curate and label images, then build and deploy a highly-trained data model that will provide actionable insights into your specific operations.

ClearVision in Action

Vision AI from ClearObject helps our customers solve complex problems efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively. Our systems already help businesses and governments inspect for damage, optimize processes for higher quality, monitor and interpret traffic patterns, and alert officials in times of need. 

ClearObject and Google Cloud installed an interactive Vision AI exhibit at Chicago’s manufacturing innovation center, MxD. This demo shows how visitors can create “damage” on paint cans that the ClearVision system will identify and measure.

Footage from a granite slab production facility overlayed with Vision AI can provide deep insights into production operations. ClearVision captured information to help improve quality, reduce waste, and increase safety.

Capture customer movement and make inferences on customer experience based on wait time or where customers browse. Existing dome cameras can be used as the input for advanced Vision AI analysis.

In this time-lapse video demo, see how cameras with Vision AI technology are used to recognize water levels and alert officials when the the situation may become dangerous to civilians in the area.

The Benefits of ClearVision

Improve Quality

Vision AI helps manufacture higher quality items by identifying defects that are undetectable by the human eye, and by helping to improve operational processes. Vision AI deployed at the edge provides real-time analysis to help reduce scrap, eliminate false-positives, and create safer products and components.

Manufacturing line being inspected for quality
Vision AI inspection of manufacturing line

Maximize Efficiency

Automation with Vision AI increases line capacity while minimizing waste with more accurate analysis of component quality and insights into operations. With VisionAI lines can run faster, longer, and with higher accuracy than those monitored by human eyes.


Save Money

Cut costs and drive profits by minimizing labor costs, increasing throughput, and reducing downtime and scrap. With ClearVision, QA professionals can focus on solving quality concerns, not on monitoring the lines. AI analysis can discover new tactics to drive margins and efficiency.

Manufacturing facility floor
Hardhats, indicating safety in manufacturing and construction

Increase Safety

Create a safer environment as Vision AI catches manufacturing errors before they happen and monitors activity 24×7 in areas that are not safe for workers. ClearVision solutions can help predict maintenance needs before they become an emergency, allowing for repairs and upkeep to be scheduled for optimal times.

On-Demand Webinar

From Pixels to Profits:

How Vision AI Improves Quality, Efficiency, and Safety in Manufacturing

Vision AI is already helping manufacturers reduce waste, increase safety, and improve quality while increasing operational efficiency. Hear from Vision AI and Manufacturing experts from ClearObject and Google Cloud as we discuss the benefits of embracing Vision AI in your organization.

The ClearVision Design Process
Image of the Vision AI process used by ClearObject, including Capture, Curate, Label, Validate, Train, Deploy, and Iterate.


Record data from existing or new cameras and sensors optimized for your business requirements and operating environments.


To make sense of the captured data, Data Scientists build customized categories based on your specific use cases.


ClearObject best practices, including working with customer SMEs, ensure the highest quality annotations are used to create the most accurate models possible. 


Data Scientists will partner with customer SMEs to confirm that all categories and data labeling are accurate and aligned with business needs.


Once accuracy is confirmed, our experts will design and train a highly customized AI model for your specific use case.


Launch the new AI model and train staff on how to interpret the visualized dashboard of operational data.


Continually iterate on the AI model to adjust for new learnings, optimizations, and changing business requirements.

How ClearVision Helps

Data Visualization

ClearVision overlays video images with real time analysis based on highly-trained AI models for your specific needs

Artistic representation of data visualization
Artistic representation of customized AI models

Customized AI Models

ClearObject Data Scientists work with you to understand operational challenges and business goals then build and train a bespoke AI model to drive specific outcomes. We won’t force you into an existing model, we’ve built our reputation on listening to our customers and understanding their needs.

Deep Deployment Expertise

Our experts have years of experience in deploying  vision systems and models on the edge including in some of the toughest operating environments. And we will work with you beyond deployment to train your team and iterated based on learnings.

Two people deploying an AI system
Cameras that may be used for Vision AI

Hardware Recommendations

Integrate existing cameras and sensors into a Vision AI system, or work with ClearObject Experts to determine the optimal configurations for your environments.

Our team has experience working across industries and with a wide array of cameras and sensors.

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