ClearObject for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)

Computer Vision and AI data analysis to transform restaurant operations

Artificial Intelligence for QSR Operations

Labor shortages, changing consumer needs, increased competition, and other factors increase the challenges for QSRs to find success. Computer Vision (CV) and AI solutions solve many of today’s most common problems and deliver a positive ROI.

QSRs Face Evolving Challenges

QSRs were uniquely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as consumer needs shifted to accommodate social distancing and other restrictions. Drive-thru traffic increased, employees became harder to attract and retain, supply chains were disrupted, and more. 

of QSR revenue comes from Drive-thru transactions, and drive-thru usage is increasing

of QSRs lack adequate staff to support current demand

of customers complain drive-thru wait times have increased (+56 seconds from 2020-2022)

70 percent image

of customers report feeling anger when orders are incorrectly fulfilled 

ClearObject Uniquely Solves these Challenges

Computer Vision (CV) has been implemented in many QSRs, yet layering AI on top of this is a relatively new practice. ClearObject creates AI models to rapidly analyze numerous data points and deliver unique insights to improve operations and profit margins.  

Traffic Analysis

CV systems track the movement of customers throughout a restaurant, identifying trends and peak hours to guide decisions on staffing and process improvements

Reduce Wait Times

Drive-thru customer average wait times increased by by 56 seconds between 2019 and 2021. CV systems can manage large order volumes with real-time visual data and analytics while setting customer expectations

Maintain Dining Areas

CV systems help manage restaurant space by detecting areas that need attention and help staff free up space for new visitors

Inventory Management

CV systems track inventory and ensure ingredients are always available

Food Quality

CV systems maintain food quality and consistency by ensuring food is prepared the same way every time

Improve Customer Experience

Improving QSR operations creates better customer experiences and higher rates of satisfaction.

“CV is transforming the QSR industry, enabling businesses to automate repetitive tasks and improve operational efficiency. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, QSRs can analyze vast amounts of data and gain insights that can help them optimize their operations and improve the customer experience.”

– Rob Balzano, CEO, Balzano Informatik GmbH

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Vision AI and QSR Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. But not all of them. Forward-thinking QSRs are beginning to experiment with and operationalize Computer Vision (CV) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver insights into operations and improve customer experiences.

Yes! ClearObject is helping QSRs in several ways, including:

  • Analyzing store traffic and providing insights on resource allocation and potential bottlenecks
  • Gathering and analyzing drive-thru data to provide customers with accurate predicted wait times
  • Reducing wait times and improving customer experience
  • Maintaining dining areas and other restaurant spaces
  • Managing inventory through tracking and reporting
  • Improving food quality and consistency through process monitoring

Yes! Monitoring processes and activity is just the start. AI interprets the unstructured image data and analyzes the AI generated structured data to provide actionable insights and help improve operations.

No! It costs less than you think, and we can help you quickly understand the benefits with a Proof of Concept. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote.

Yes! ClearObject Vision AI solutions can help reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction with the drive-thru experience, all of which leads to improved throughput and profits.

ClearVision is a cloud-based AI analytics platform provided by ClearObject. Our hardware experts are available to consult on the right hardware requirements based on your specific needs, or we can tie our software to your existing camera technology. Our experts will help you select COTS products to solve your unique problem and work with you to determine who will procure and manage the hardware.