ClearVision Demos

The ClearObject Vision AI solution, ClearVision, is a powerful tool to increase efficiency, improve quality, reduce waste, and drive profits. ClearObject has successfully deployed Vision AI solutions across industries including Manufacturing, Retail, QSRs, Agriculture, Utilities, and Food & Beverage.

Video from existing cameras can be analyzed, or cameras can be installed in your facilities and analyzed via edge computing or in the cloud.

Granite processing being analyzed by ClearVision technology

Vision AI in Action

MxD Visual Inspection Demo with GenAI Analysis

ClearObject partnered with Google Cloud to install an interactive Vision AI exhibit at Chicago’s manufacturing innovation center, MxD. This demo shows how visitors can create “damage” on paint cans for the ClearVision system to identify and measure. A Generative AI interface can then answer questions about the damage via Natural Language Processing, allowing anyone on the floor to get answers and improve operations.

Granite Slab Finishing Vision AI Analysis

See how ClearObject can take computer vision footage from a granite slab production facility and provide deep insights into production operations. ClearVision data can capture information not visible to the naked eye to help this manufacturer improve quality, reduce waste, and increase safety by removing inspectors from dangerous environments. 

Retail Traffic and Wait Time Monitoring

Vision AI captures customer movement and can make inferences on customer experience based on data such as wait time or where they browse. This example is in a quick service restaurant (QSR), and ClearObject has applied the same principles to other retail establishments. 

Early Warning: Flood Notification with Vision AI

In this time-lapse video demo, see how cameras with Vision AI technology can recognize water levels and alert officials when the the situation may become dangerous to civilians in the area. Vision AI models can also be trained to identify other public safety issues.