Indiana vision ai alliance

Exclusive Vision AI Pilot Program for Indiana-based Manufacturers

ClearObject has partnered with the Indiana IoT Lab and the Indiana University Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering to accelerate adoption of Industry 4.0 Vision AI solutions in Indiana-based SMB Manufacturers

What is the Vision AI Pilot Program?

The Vision AI Pilot Program presents a significant opportunity for SMB manufacturers in Indiana. Launched by the Indiana Vision AI Aliance in January 2024, the program is designed to work with local Indiana manufacturers who are interested in implementing advanced computer vision technology in their operations, but haven’t been able to do so on their own. 

Data Science and AI graduate students from IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering are mentored by AI experts from ClearObject to work with local manufacturers and install a fully-functional AI-based vision system within a manufacturer’s existing production operations. 

This pioneering initiative aims to accelerate the adoption of the latest Industry 4.0 technologies by offering a comprehensive, cutting-edge vision AI platform developed by ClearObject. As we implement more solutions locally, Indiana manufacturing becomes more competitive.

Key Benefits of a Vision AI Pilot

Manufacturing facility with machines inspecting quality

A cutting-edge vision AI platform by ClearObject for real-time insights into manufacturing operations

Student working in a manufacturing facility

Expertise and experience from Indiana University’s second-year data science graduate students, supported by local AI professionals

Granite processing being analyzed by ClearVision technology

Powerful, proven Vison AI solutions to help improve efficiency, increase quality, and reduce waste


Don’t wait, apply now to be considered for this program in an upcoming semester. This program is exclusive to Indiana manufacturers and allows for just three (3) Vision AI Pilots per 12-week semester due to student schedules. Register NOW if you are an Indiana-based SMB manufacturer interested in participating in the Vision AI Pilot Program.

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