Vision AI-Powered Pipeline Inspection

Discover and accurately assess pipeline damage in minutes instead of months at a fraction of the cost of traditional inspections

The leader in Vision AI solutions for Pipelines

With an aging infrastructure and over 2 million miles of pipe in the US, keeping water clean takes significant effort. ClearObject’s ClearVision solution inspects pipelines, identifies potential issues, and categorizes damage quickly, accurately, safely, and affordably while helping avoid costly emergency repairs, all to keep communities healthy.

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Transformative AI Technologies for Wastewater Pipeline Assessment

Learn how you can leverage cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) designed to process input from camera arrays to quickly and accurately assess current and potential damage to your infrastructure. 

How ClearObject Helps

Pipeline Assessment

Our highly-trained AI analyzes your video, whether from drone, CCTV or other methods, to identify and classify pipe damage from roots, aging, and other factors faster and more accurately than traditional methods

Pipeline issues being identified from a live video stream
Dashboard showing pipe issues and locations

ClearVision Dashboard

Avoid surprises with real-time video and analysis of pipeline conditions along with data-backed predictions of potential failure points

Data Integrations

ClearVision integrates with popular asset management systems giving you complete control and insight to your data

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San Antonio Water System (SAWS)

“This new technology is another example of how we are using innovation to improve our operations. With this new system, we can quickly and accurately assess the condition of our wastewater pipelines, which will help us to proactively identify potential issues and avoid costly repairs down the line.”

Annette Duron, Director of San Antonio Water System

Benefits of ClearVision for Pipeline Inspection
Exterior image of a wastewater pipeline

ClearVision Solves Pipeline Inspection Challenges

Highly-trained AI models with intuitive dashboards make it easy to quickly understand pipeline health by identifying and prioritizing areas that need attention

Increase Accuracy of Inspection

Highly-trained AI models quickly identify and categorize potential problems and risk areas including those easily missed by the human eye

AI assisting with accurate data retrieval and analysis
Abstract image indicating an acceleration of data analytics

Accelerate Data Analysis

AI data analysis makes sense of the of the millions of pixels and highlights problem areas in hours, not months like traditional methods, all while seamlessly integrating into your current systems

Save Money

Automated analysis is faster, more accurate, and less expensive than traditional methods by doing the heavy lifting and allowing your inspectors and engineers to interpret the results and make plans of action

Piggybank on a blue background indicating "Saving Money"
Abstract data reflecting the reduction of bias

Eliminate Biases and Errors

AI inspections don’t blink, and they don’t get tired, so AI systems eliminate human biases and dramatically reduce errors in discovering potential defects in your pipeline

“ClearVision provides us with a comprehensive and detailed view of the pipelines to identify and address potential issues before they become major problems. This saves time and resources while ensuring our city’s infrastructure is operating at peak efficiency, ultimately benefiting our community’s health and wellbeing.”

Jonathan Valenta, Director of Water Quality, City of Fishers

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ClearObject for Pipe Inspection

Advances in technology make it easier to inspect pipelines than ever before, but inspection data is only part of the process. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can quickly and accurately analyze that data  to identify trouble areas human inspectors are likely to miss.

What is MSI?

Multi-Sensor Inspection combines sensor data to create comprehensive pipeline reports. MSI ensures the safety and integrity of pipelines, as it can detect defects that may be missed by a single inspection method.

San Antonio Water System Automates Inspection

ClearObject enables SAWS to automatically score the health of their pipeline systems based on video inspections, allowing for quicker and more accurate identification of potential issues.

ClearVision Pipeline Inspection FAQ

ClearVision’s Vision AI is cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) designed to process input from camera arrays quickly and accurately. The AI has been trained to identify pipe damage from roots, corrosion, and other causes and to assess the risk from that damage.

ClearVision is faster, safer, more accurate, and less expensive than traditional inspection methods. Pipeline risks can be identified in hours instead of after months of analysis.

ClearVision is usually a fraction of the cost of traditional inspection methods. Contact Us to get a quote based on your specific needs.
Forward-thinking communities are using new infrastructure funding to invest in cost-effective tools for pipeline inspection.

America’s wastewater infrastructure is rapidly aging with cracks and damages occurring more frequently than ever due to deferred maintenance, human error, and construction. 850 billion gallons of untreated wastewater and stormwater are illegally discharged per year and 92% of major wastewater agencies in the US are subject to EPA consent decrees.

Yes. ClearVision integrates with popular asset management systems giving you complete control and insight to your data. Contact Us to learn more about our integrations.  

Yes. ClearVision is a cloud-based AI analytics platform provided by ClearObject. Our hardware experts are available to consult on the right hardware requirements based on your specific needs.

Vision AI processes images from cameras to identify potential pipeline issues. Multi-Sensor Inspection can involve additional sensors such as temperature and pressure, and integrate laser analysis of materials. Contact Us to learn more about our MSI solutions.