The Top 5 Reasons to use Automated Multi-Sensor Inspection Data Analysis

Apr 13, 2023 | Blog

Multi-Sensor Inspection (MSI) of pipelines is an important tool for ensuring the safety and reliability of wastewater systems. MSI can provide detailed information about the condition of pipes including size, shape, and material composition by using a combination of sensors, . This information can be used to identify potential problems such as cracks, leaks, deterioration, and blockages, before they cause major disruptions.

And yet, MSI Inspections are only as valuable as the data they produce. Despite its importance, many organizations struggle to maximize the value of that data. Traditional analysis methods involve teams of engineers and data scientists reviewing vast stores of collected data, often spending months to interpret information and make recommendations. 

With today’s AI, there is a better way. 


The Top 5 reasons to use Automated MSI Data Analysis

    1. Faster Results: Get results over 90 times faster than traditional methods, reducing time to analyze the data from 6 months to 2 days. Teams can use the extra time to strategize repairs, maintenance, and pipeline replacement before issues become a problem. 
    2. More Accurate Results: ClearObject Automation finds patterns and anomalies in the data that other analyses miss. Multiple sensors provide information beyond what is visible to the naked eye, and AI can quickly make sense of the information to accurately assess risk and help prioritize action. 
    3. Actionable Results: Automated data analysis can prioritize problem areas to improve recommendations for maintenance and repair.AI can predict how much life is left in a pipeline based on its current condition. Then, teams can strategize repairs to minimize the impact on the community, save costs, and avoid costly emergency repairs. 
    4. Save Money: Fast turn-around times paired with labor savings reduces costs to a fraction of yesterday’s analyses. What once took a team of highly-trained data scientists months to complete, can now be done automatically in hours. Beyond the labor savings, the reduction in emergency repair needs help teams budget for more cost-effective maintenance. 
    5. Get Paid Faster: Municipalities will not pay an invoice until the terms of the contract are completed, and the longest delay is waiting for the data analysis to be finished and presented. Reducing the turnaround time for data analysis helps you submit invoices and get paid more quickly. 


MSI is an important tool for ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of wastewater systems. Leading MSI companies set themselves apart by pairing Multi-Sensor Inspection tools with the latest in AI Data Analysis techniques to deliver faster, more accurate, and highly actionable reports to customers.


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