Three Key Principles to Build Trust with your Product Teams

Apr 24, 2023 | Blog

Working with an external Digital Product team requires trust. At ClearObject, we’ve developed three key principles to create a shared confidence that we are all building the solution you envision.


1 – Getting Started is more important than Being Right

Rather than meticulously planning every detail of your solution and strategizing on the best way forward, take a smaller step to get started. You’ll learn quickly and avoid endless pushback.


2 – Scope Doesn’t Creep, Understanding Grows

When it comes to being innovative, you won’t know what you don’t know. Rather than trying to plan an entire solution path, just get started and learn as we go. This will avoid tunnel vision and help grow to understand of the solution’s desired outcome.


3 – Your product will not be perfect for everyone

No matter how much time you spend, the product you create will never please every user 100% of the time. Instead, set up your product to learn from users and continue to iterate.


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