The Next 5 Things: Key Takeaways from Google Next ’24

Apr 23, 2024 | Blog

Amidst the glitz and buzz of Las Vegas, ClearObject embarked on a transformative journey at Google Next ’24, immersing ourselves in the latest trends and innovations shaping the digital landscape. The connections we fostered with our partners at Google proved to be invaluable, laying the groundwork for dynamic collaborations on the horizon. 

Led by our SVP of Sales & Marketing, Michael Masters and Chief Operating Officer, Chuck Scullion, ClearObject proudly showcased our pioneering Vision AI and GenAI solutions, customized for the specific needs of enterprises. While we shared our own experiences on stage around the benefits of partnering with Google and using Google tools for collaboration and development, we also learned a lot as Google shared what was on the horizon. 

Here are ClearObject’s key takeaways from our exhilarating experience at Google Next ’24, setting the stage for a future defined by innovation and collaboration.

1. Generative AI’s Explosion:

  • GenAI is everywhere, and is quickly becoming indispensable. Google’s text, image, and code generation tools have seen tremendous advancements, with more to come.
  • New integrations between these tools and Google’s existing products (Workspace, Search, Cloud) will improve efficiency and productivity.
  • The industry is dedicated to understanding the responsible use of generative AI and its potential impact on jobs and creativity.


2. Cloud as the Foundation of Everything:

  • As businesses of all sizes continue to adopt the cloud, new efficiencies are being gained.
  • New tools and services are aimed at making cloud migration easier and more secure.
  • Focus on hybrid cloud solutions, giving businesses flexibility and increased security in their IT infrastructure.


3. Data Analytics & Machine Learning Democratization:

  • Google introduced new low-code/no-code tools for data analysis and machine learning model development.
  • Emphasis on explainable AI, making it easier for non-experts to understand models.
  • Focus on AI use cases across industries, from healthcare to manufacturing to retail.


4. Cybersecurity in a Connected World:

  • New security features and threat intelligence tools are keeping Google Cloud at the top of the list of secure providers.
  • Discussions around securing distributed workforces and the ever-evolving threat landscape.
  • Emphasis on zero-trust architectures and proactive cyber defense.


5. Collaboration and the Future of Work:

  • Advancements in Google Workspace making remote and hybrid collaboration more seamless.
  • Tools for enhancing productivity, creativity, and knowledge sharing.
  • Focus on fostering a sense of connection and belonging for distributed teams.


Bonus: ClearObject to Lead in GenAI and Vision AI for Manufacturing

ClearObject was thrilled to be featured in the Google Manufacturing booths as a Premier Partner for Vision AI and GenAI in the manufacturing industry. We were able to share how ClearVision technology is improving efficiency, reducing waste, increasing quality at lower costs, and even lowering factory emission levels. Our solutions are being hosted both in the Cloud and at the Edge, depending on the needs of the customers. 

  • GenAI Leadership in Manufacturing: Our deep expertise in generative AI positions us perfectly to develop custom solutions across the manufacturing sector. From product design and optimization to intelligent supply chain management, GenAI can transform the way manufacturers operate.
  • Edge-Based Expertise:  ClearObject understands the nuances of edge computing and can develop robust edge-based solutions that leverage Vision AI and GenAI even in connectivity-challenged environments. This is vital for industries like manufacturing and logistics where real-time decision-making is critical.
  • Secure, Air-Gapped Solutions: We’re specialists in building secure, air-gapped environments where sensitive data requires the utmost protection. This, combined with our Google Cloud partnership, enables us to implement cutting-edge AI solutions for clients with the most stringent security requirements.
  • Vision AI is Driving Increased Efficiencies and Quality: ClearObject’s ClearVision solution is analyzing production data in real-time and providing actionable insights driving both significant cost savings and higher quality products. Our customized Vision AI solutions are providing high returns across Food & Beverage, Building Material, Automotive, and other key manufacturing industries. 


In short, Next 24 solidified Google’s leadership in both Cloud and AI innovation. ClearObject is a Premier GenAI Launch Partner with Google, and we are ready to help you explore the possibilities of AI for your organization. Reach out today