Overall Equipment Effectivenes (OEE)

OEE is a key metric used to assess and improve equipment and process efficiency. AI-powered vision systems eliminate the uncertainty of today’s OEE estimates by automating much of the manual data entry required for OEE. 

ClearVision uses computer vision and AI to improve your OEE measurements and help you drive efficiency improvements across your operations.

Factory setting with a measure of 83% OEE

Understanding OEE

The concept of OEE is not new, but measuring it accurately has always been challenging. Historically, OEE calculations relied on workers manually measuring, reporting, and entering data. Accuracy and consistency depend on who is measuring, reporting, and entering data at any given time.

The formula for OEE is:

Availability x Perfomance x Quality

Availability: This measures the percentage of time that equipment is available for production, accounting for factors like downtime for maintenance and unplanned stoppages.

Performance: Performance indicates the speed at which equipment operates compared to its maximum potential speed, considering factors like equipment running at reduced speed and minor stoppages.

Quality: Quality measures the percentage of good-quality products manufactured compared to the total number of products produced, accounting for defects, rework, and scrap.

Benefits of Improved OEE

Investing in OEE improvement initiatives powered by AI can yield significant value and return on investment (ROI) for manufacturers. Measuring your current OEE is the first step to improving your overall equipment efficiency.  

Based on your current uptime, performance, and quality measures, even small improvements in OEE can yield significant improvments in profitability.

Vision AI solutions create consistent, highly accurate, and accessible measures to evaluate your Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement.

Vision AI counts the strands and if they are in operation for a manufacturing facility

The benefits of improving factory OEE include:

Increased Equipment Availability:

Predictive maintenance powered by AI reduces unplanned downtime, ensuring optimal utilization of manufacturing equipment.

Improved Production Efficiency:

AI-driven performance analysis identifies and eliminates bottlenecks, optimizing production processes and enhancing equipment performance, leading to improved efficiency.

Enhanced Product Quality and Compliance:

Vision AI-based quality inspection ensures consistent product quality, reducing defects, rework, and scrap. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps manufacturers comply with quality standards and regulations.

Cost Savings and Waste Reduction:

Minimizing downtime, improving efficiency, and reducing defects result in substantial cost savings and waste reduction, directly impacting the bottom line.

Competitive Advantage:

Manufacturers that effectively utilize AI to optimize OEE gain a competitive edge by being more agile, efficient, and responsive to market demands.

Other ClearVision Use Cases

Beyond OEE, Vision AI from ClearObject helps our customers solve other complex problems efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively. Our systems already help businesses and governments inspect for damage, optimize processes for higher quality, monitor and interpret traffic patterns, and alert officials in times of need.

ClearObject and Google Cloud installed an interactive Vision AI exhibit at Chicago’s manufacturing innovation center, MxD. This demo shows how visitors can create “damage” on paint cans that the ClearVision system will identify and measure.

Footage from a granite slab production facility overlayed with Vision AI can provide deep insights into production operations. ClearVision captured information to help improve quality, reduce waste, and increase safety.

Capture customer movement and make inferences on customer experience based on wait time or where customers browse. Existing dome cameras can be used as the input for advanced Vision AI analysis.

In this time-lapse video demo, see how cameras with Vision AI technology are used to recognize water levels and alert officials when the the situation may become dangerous to civilians in the area.

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Vision AI is already helping manufacturers reduce waste, increase safety, and improve quality while increasing operational efficiency. Hear from Vision AI and Manufacturing experts from ClearObject and Google Cloud as we discuss the benefits of embracing Vision AI in your organization.

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