Food Date Label Monitoring and Verification

The Food Labeling Act of 2023 is proposing to reshape the way products are labeled and usher in a new era of transparency and accountability. If passed, the FDA could begin to enforce these stricter guidelines on food date labels, sometimes referred to as “code date labels”,  as early as January 2026 in efforts to improve transparency, reduce health and safety risks, and decrease environment impacts.

ClearObject Vision AI solutions can be installed on your existing lines to identify if the code date label is missing, misplaced, hard to read, or if the printer is running low on ink. Proper labeling helps manufacturers avoid chargebacks and fines while maintaining compliance.

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Why Now? 

On May 9, 2023, the Food Labeling Act proposed new requirements for the way food products are labeled in efforts to bring about a new era of transparency and accountability. It is highly likely that distributors and retailers will use these guidelines to update their own requirements, so it is critical for those in the Food & Beverage industry to understand the implications of this new legislation. 

The Act is scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2026, so now is the time to prepare for compliance.  Manufacturing leaders should investigate adopting innovative technologies like Vision AI as a crucial step toward ensuring compliance and maintaining consumer trust.


The ClearObject Vision AI solution can be applied to your existing packaging lines and clearly identifies any non-compliant labels in real time.

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Benefits of Complying with the Food Labeling Act

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Increase Efficiency

Misplaced, unreadable, or missing code date labels can cause entire production runs to be scrapped, wasting time, money, and resources.

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Build Consumer Trust

Today’s consumers rely on food date labels for health and safety. Shoppers expect their favorite brands to have labels that are clear and easy to understand.

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Distributor Relationships

Beyond the FDA, distributors and retailers have their own guidelines for labeling. Following best practices will open more channels for distribution.

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Consumer Safety

In the unfortunate event of a product recall, clear and legible code date labels are critical for efficient tracking and return processes. 

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Avoid Penalties


Pass inspections with flying colors! Lack of compliance may lead to fines or other penalties from both federal and local governments.

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Food Date Label Monitoring with Vision AI

The Food Labeling Act of 2023 is poised to reshape the way products are labeled and usher in a new era of transparency and accountability. ClearObject Vision AI solutions can be installed on your existing lines to identify if the code date label is missing, misplaced, hard to read, or if the printer is running low on ink. Learn about food labeling along with the Food Traceability Act and new SEC rules for reporting on emissions, and how Vision AI can help. 

Improve Label Accuracy with a Vision AI Solution

ClearObject Vision AI solutions can add a camera or use an existing camera and monitor the quality of your food labeling based on variation criteria you set. Our AI models can identify the good from the bad in real time, at high speeds, more accurately and consistently than human inspectors. 

Starting an AI program with a proven expert like ClearObject is likely easier than you think. 

Step 1

Talk to ClearObject Vision AI experts about your specific labeling needs and requirements. With some basic information on your systems, we can outline a solution for your facilities.  

Step 2

In as little as one week we can install a Proof of Concept with AI trained to analyze video in real time and identify which food labels meet or do not meet your standards. A PoC with ClearObject will have clear metrics and exit criteria.

Step 3

Once we prove the ROI together, ClearObject is ready to help scale Vision AI solutions across your facilities and can help update your AI model if your package labeling needs change. 

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The Food Labeling Act of 2023 – What you need to know

The Food Labeling Act was designed to help manufacturers, consumers, and the environment. While the act has yet to be passed by the U.S. Congress, it is a signal that more oversight is needed. This act has the following goals:

Transparency: Consumers have become increasingly conscious about the contents of the products they consume. The act standardizes requirements and mandates clearer and more accurate labeling, providing consumers with vital information about ingredients, nutritional content, and potential allergens in a more consistent and easier-to-understand way.

Health and Safety: Ensuring the safety of consumers is paramount. The act imposes stricter guidelines on food labeling to mitigate health risks associated with misleading or incomplete information. The consistency of “Use by” and “Best by” language helps consumers make good choices Clear labeling also helps manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the unfortunate case of a product recall. 

Environmental Concerns: With growing awareness of sustainability issues, the act also emphasizes transparency regarding the environmental impact of food production and packaging. Increasing clarity of labeling and relaxing overly stringent state food donation restrictions helps to reduce food waste while better serving communities. 

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Vision AI for Manufacturing Frequently Asked Questions

ClearVision’s Vision AI is cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) designed to process input from camera arrays quickly and accurately. ClearObject will train the AI to meet the individual needs of each manufacturing process.

Of course! There are many benefits to using AI in manufacturing, including:

  • ClearVision is faster and more accurate than traditional visual inspection methods.
  • AI processes data and presents actionable insights in real time.
  • AI improvements in automation increase safety
  • AI can 24x7 and increase throughput
  • High ROI increases your competitive position in the market

ClearVision for Manufacturing costs less than you think with a high ROI. Contact Us to get a quote based on your specific needs. 

A lights out manufacturing system, or “LOM”, is an automated production process that runs without the need for direct human supervision or intervention. The goal of a lights out manufacturing system is to reduce labor costs, increase efficiency and minimize human error. This is achieved by using advanced technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms.

Yes. ClearVision can work with your current cameras and integrates with popular asset management systems giving you complete control and insight to your data. Contact Us to learn more about our integrations.

ClearVision is a cloud-based AI analytics platform provided by ClearObject. Our hardware experts are available to consult on the right hardware requirements based on your specific needs, or we can tie our software to your existing camera technology.Our experts will help you select products to solve your unique challenges and work with you to determine who will procure and manage the hardware.