San Antonio Water System and ClearObject Automate Video Inspections for Wastewater Pipelines

Apr 20, 2023 | Success Stories

SAN ANTONIO, TX – The San Antonio Water System (SAWS), along with ClearObject is proud to announce the implementation of an automated video assessment system as part of its proactive inspection program for wastewater pipelines. This cutting-edge technology will enable SAWS to automatically score the health of their pipeline systems based on video inspections, allowing for quicker and more accurate identification of potential issues.


The system, developed by a leading technology company, ClearObject, utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically analyze video footage and compare the results to a highly-trained dataset to identify areas that require closer inspection. By automating this process, SAWS can increase the efficiency of its inspection program and ensure that potential problems are identified and addressed as quickly as possible.


SAWS is an industry leader in consent decree compliance and has developed a proactive approach to evaluating and implementing cutting-edge technology in its wastewater collection system. As an early adopter, SAWS has the opportunity to shape the development of AI to meet the needs of municipalities nationwide. Prior to working with ClearObject, SAWS-trained staff manually reviewed inspection videos. Now, with the use of ClearVison Pipes technology, SAWS can increase inspection capacity, standardize scoring, and improve the accuracy of inspections all in less than half of the time of traditional methods.


In addition to improving the efficiency of SAWS’ inspection program, the new system will also help to reduce the workload of human inspectors. By automating the video assessment process, SAWS can free up inspectors to focus on other important tasks, ultimately improving the overall quality of the inspection program.


SAWS’ proactive inspection program is an essential part of its commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of its wastewater infrastructure. With the implementation of this new automated video assessment system, SAWS is poised to take its inspection program to the next level and continue providing the high-quality service that its customers have come to expect.


About San Antonio Water System:

The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) is a public utility serving the San Antonio metropolitan area. SAWS is committed to providing reliable, high-quality water and wastewater services to its customers while protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.


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