Pipe Inspections

ClearVision is picture-perfect.

ClearVision’s vision intelligence solution keeps your city’s water clean and budgets black.

With an aging infrastructure (pipes from the 1800s) and over 2 million miles of pipe in the US, keeping waters clean is going to take some new and innovative solutions. ClearVision is one of them.

Engineering firms spend a lot of time reviewing and ensuring that a lateral pipe inspection is of the highest quality so that cities can make the right decisions on how and when to take action. ClearVision plugs into existing infrastructure software like ITPipes, WinCan, and others to provide a seamless experience for engineers and inspectors so they can create quality inspection reports to drive efficient, consistent, and accurate inspection reports and provide actionable insights for municipalities.


How does it work?

Identifies and classifies damage (roots, structural damage, edge-based detection)

Identifies videos with bad quality (under water, foggy, sideways video)

Assesses the cleanliness of
the pipe

Integrates with popular asset management systems

Processes and provides predictions

ClearObject’s ClearVision team knows that vision AI, alone, is not enough.

In order to get the highest quality inspection results you need a combination of AI, simple UI/UX, and a trained specialist. The ClearVision solution enables this.

ClearVision automatically integrates with inspection videos from your asset management system, creating an uninterrupted reporting experience. Our ClearVision portal takes every inspection video and looks for areas of concern and compares those to the original inspection notes. Once that comparison is complete, our UI provides a simple navigation experience for engineers to review, approve, and edit all areas of concern.

In the end you’ll have a video with every instance of damage marked with a corresponding bounding box, level of confidence, condition code, severity level, and any other metadata corresponding to the damage type. With this level of detail engineers can provide better action plans to keep water clean and our infrastructures running smoothly long into the future.


How does ClearVision make a difference for you?

  • Accurate, consistent inspection results at pace
  • Plugs into existing infrastructure software for seamless experience
  • Eliminates human inconsistency and bias
  • Reduces QA review time by up to 75%

When inspections and QA reviews are completed today, the process relies heavily on specially trained humans. While NASSCO training helps ensure quality by setting standards and certifying those who can inspect and classify these damages, humans are inconsistent. In almost every inspection, individuals ultimately come up with different results.

With ClearVision there are no inconsistencies—what the AI sees today, the AI will see tomorrow. As a result of this consistency ClearVision can remove human bias, while also improving quality. The AI never gets tired, so it never misses a defect that it’s been trained to see. ClearVision also scales and can run in parallel, leading to a reduction in time spent running the QA review of any inspection by as much as 75%, freeing up your engineers to focus on the areas that need their expertise.


ClearVision reduces QA review time by up to 75%

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