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Managing the IBM engineering lifecycle in a whole new way

IBM ELM Managed Services by ClearObject provides integration between core engineering functions end-to-end, spanning Requirements, Test, Workflow Management, and Systems Design (MBSE). And unlike the ELM offerings from other OEMs, IBM has structured a complete integration layer in the managed IBM ELM Managed Services solution that ClearObject offers.


The result is a quality requirements management configuration and rock-solid architecture managed across the lifecycle of enterprise scale — which lets you limit risk, control costs and drive innovation.


The better result is that you and your team focus 100% on developing products, not on managing the development process

 ClearObject Direct Services 

 • BYOL (Bring your own licensing) for the IBM tools you want and sign directly with ClearObject for deployment and support services

• Your tools are deployed on the Google Cloud Platform for impressive performance, security-compliant systems, and reduced costs compared to competitors.



As low as $999/month

with concurrent user pricing as low as $12.50.

Contract options and routes of service:

  IBM SaaS 

• Purchase IBM SaaS as a product offering and ClearObject performs all managed services as the sole managed service provider for IBM SaaS globally.

• Your tools are deployed on IBM Cloud, an integrated global private network with unlimited bandwidth on bare metal and virtual servers.

 IBM Contract Services 

• BYOL (Bring your own licensing) for the IBM tools and contract separately for managed services through an IBM Statement of Work, and we perform those support services for them.

• Your tools are deployed on the Google Cloud Platform for impressive performance, security-compliant systems, and reduced costs compared to competitors.

As low as $999/month with concurrent user pricing as low as $12.50. IBM pricing premiums will apply.

Insightful engineering at enterprise scale

Engineering products today are more complex than ever. Software drives everything. Connectedness and AI continue to transform how businesses and the world work. Innovation must accelerate without compromising quality, and safety requires a new level of sophistication.


It all increases the scale of product complexity:

    • Importance of industry standards for safety-critical systems

    •  Quantity and complexity of requirements

    • Structure and size of architectures

    • Number and depth of tests

    • Exponentially growing lines of code

To develop even the most difficult systems and software, IBM launched ELM as the only solution that can provide needed insights into engineering data and processes. Particularly with its modeling and compliance capabilities, IBM ELM is much more than Application Lifecycle Management. 


IBM ELM Managed Services by ClearObject goes even further.


Managing the product development lifecycle more completely

In managing your IBM ELM environment for you, ClearObject takes a more complete and well-rounded approach to your development efforts.



Work more effectively across disciplines, time zones, and supply chains with requirements management powered by AI (DOORS/DOORS Next/RQA)


Systems DesignManage complexity and control risk throughout the product lifecycle with Model Based Systems Engineering, or MBSE (Rhapsody/Model Manager)

Test Management 

Maintain quality while constantly delivering innovation with test planning and test asset management (Test Management)


Workflow Managment Accelerate development while ensuring quality and reporting consistency across time zones, disciplines, and supply chains (Workflow Management)

Comprehensively, IBM ELM Managed Services by ClearObject lets you:


  • Improve product quality and reduce ambiguity through better requirements management

  • Meet regulatory, compliance, process, reporting and audit requirements

  • Manage the engineering complexity of systems

  • Drive constant process improvements while dealing with increasing complexity across multi-tier value chains

  • Enable agile systems engineering practices

  • Use operational data and customer insight to improve engineering decisions

  • Enable broad ecosystem and individual customization via open standards

  • Promote collaboration on a large scale

  • Orchestrate processes at multiple speeds

  • Enable strategic reuse

  • Maintain a single source of truth

  • Automate transparency and traceability

  • Support compliance with safety-critical standards

  • Incorporate AI and analytics

  • Provide insightful engineering at enterprise scale


Going beyond just hosted managed services for IBM development tools

ClearObject is both an IBM Gold Business Partner and the sole managed service provider for IBM SaaS globally. With our offering for IBM ELM Managed Services by ClearObject, this is how we’re able to bring knowledge and responsiveness together in the form of the IBM development process and IBM Support. The added advantage you get is working with a long-standing IBM partner — a single trusted source to administer your entire environment for engineering product development.


ClearObject's relationship with IBM support

IBM Support is deeply aware of ClearObject’s deployment architecture for their tools, eliminating many of the early questions in a support scenario. ClearObject is additionally able to provide direct log file access through a secure upload to IBM Support. When a product problem exists, IBM Support has direct access to the logs they need to diagnose the problem—they know the architecture of the deployment, and they get to a fix more quickly.


Automated patching and upgrades

ClearObject has completed hundreds of successful projects for patches and upgrades and has been able to automate the process as a result. Consider: If you deploy on-premise, you do each patch/upgrade for the first time, every time. But by having performed that same patch/upgrade on hundreds of environments, our blend of experience and automation reduces errors, improves speed, and consistently results in positive support outcomes.


Product-specific monitoring to prevent issues

To prevent issues before they occur, ClearObject monitors inside the product as well as external basics. This enables us to perform prognostics based on pattern recognition well in advance. (Looking only at servers misses the big picture.) Such an ability to monitor your environment, plus those of all other ClearObject customers using our IBM ELM Managed Services, generates knowledge that helps the entire customer community.


Extensive security

Get the security of a single-tenant virtual private cloud for deployment and to monitor cloud and user activity, all protected by a VPN tunnel.


Continuous research and best practices

ClearObject continually invests in research for automation, machine learning, and other features that streamline and enhance the IBM tool suite. By supporting organizations of all kinds, we also identify and implement best practices across many industries.



IBM ELM Managed Services by ClearObject

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