Experience Google's cloud computing services, and innovate your global business. 

ClearObject is an IoT solutions integrator, partnering with some of the world’s best companies across every vertical to adapt their offerings for the data-driven economy. 


Our measured approach and methodology help launch a digital product that compliments your existing product portfolio while enabling you to bring enhanced services to the marketplace without the burden of managing the complex intricacies of the platform.

ClearObject’s Connected Solutions are built and deployed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), leveraging both the ClearObject team and the experts at Google. Google Cloud’s world-class machine learning and analytics systems enhance your overall solution, ensuring you get the most out of your data.

ClearObject Google Services

• App Development & Management

• Predictive Analytics
• Remote Monitoring
• Machine Learning Models            Development/Training
• Data Ingestion
• Data Lake Development
• Custom Alerts & Reporting
• Custom Dashboards

Account Management

• Validation of Environment

• Setup of All IP Security Scans
• Monitor & Maintain Platform Resources
• Patch Management, OS upgrades & GCE  Image Management
• Account Management & Monthly Review of  Platform Health

Onboarding & Operations

• Guidance on Platform Best Practices & Solution    Architecture 

• Platform Sizing & Resource Configuration

• Guidance on Deployment Requirements 
• Guidance on Backup, Recovery & Disaster Recovery

• Creation & Management of GCP Account & Project(s)

• Provisioning & Hardening of GCP Resources
• Documentation & Delivery of Deployment Architecture
• Security Certificate Generated by Host, Managed and  Owned by ClearObject

Add-on Services

• Project Services for Full Product Ideation,  Connection, Development & Support
• Managed DevOps for Processing & Tooling
• Licensing Compliance
• Deep Application Optimization
• Security Threat Detection

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