ClearObject Careers Spotlight: Gary Brill Joins as Technical Project Manager

Sep 10, 2021 | Blog

ClearObject is an industry leader in IoT systems integration, and the company is continually bringing on new talent to further advance and grow our company. In this ClearObject Careers Spotlight, new team member Gary Brill discusses what initially drew him to join us.

Gary Brill Hired as a Technical Project Manager

Gary Brill has been brought on as a Technical Project Manager and will focus particularly on clients within the automotive space. 

Brill will immediately oversee the deployment of a telematics initiative for a client within the automotive space. This role builds on his previous experience in the auto industry. Most recently, he worked with a well-known Japanese automaker. The client he’s now working with is much smaller than that automaker, but the previous experience with a large company in the industry will help Brill identify and meet needs that people without that experience would struggle to address.

For Brill, working with a smaller client provides the opportunity that’s needed to advance his career. He has expressed that his previous employment involved wearing many hats, and he only tangentially held project management responsibilities. The varied work helped Brill gain a solid foundation of knowledge, but it afforded few opportunities to specialize.

As Technical Project Manager, Brill will be responsible for entire projects — and he’s thus far focusing on telematics projects for the automotive industry. With some experience in this role, he will become invaluable to clients as his knowledge and expertise grow.

ClearObject Careers Offer Excellent Work/Life Balance 

When reflecting on his hiring experience for the ClearObject Careers Spotlight, Gary Brill noted how the company met his work/life balance needs.

“I wanted to move closer to a major metropolitan area and the Fishers, Indiana headquarters was ideally suited to that goal,” said Brill. ClearObject employees don’t have to fight downtown traffic since the headquarters sits on the Northeast side of Indianapolis, yet shopping, sports, dining, and more are just a few miles away. Additionally, this is a comparatively inexpensive city where any salary goes further than it would in other major metropolises.

Brill also mentioned that the hybrid working model is incredibly convenient. Having the option to work from the office or from home isn’t only convenient, but it allows employees to adjust their work when necessary around their other obligations in life.

The ClearObject Team Welcomes Gary Brill

After working at ClearObject alongside talented and passionate co-workers, Gary has come to appreciate his team members.

Brill states he has felt welcome from his first day, thanks to friendly and helpful colleagues. “I love being surrounded by highly skilled people who are passionate about what they do. Everyone is willing to answer questions or assist. The atmosphere at ClearObject is very friendly, and there is a true spirit of camaraderie.

ClearObject provides IoT system design, development, deployment, and management across multiple industries. Passionate, driven, and expert team members help carry out this mission, and deliver innovative solutions for our clients. Interested in joining our team? Check out the ClearObject careers page.