ClearObject Careers Spotlight: Brook Cheng, Data Science Summer Intern

Sep 3, 2021 | Blog

As a data science summer intern, Brook Cheng has a first-hand look at the impact ClearObject careers can have on clients.

Cheng, a Ph.D. student at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, was selected for a unique internship with ClearObject. The Indianapolis company is the leader in providing digital products for clients using artificial intelligence, the internet of things, cloud technology, and data science.

IUPUI and ClearObject recently established a collaborative partnership that provides students like Cheng an opportunity to work directly with company professionals on client needs.

Cheng works on projects related to object detection and tracking using computer vision techniques. He participates in teams that develop algorithms that solve real client problems.

Cheng’s work involves both learning-based and non-learning-based data models and pre- and post-processing of mined raw data to compute specific features and properties.

As an intern, he writes models for different deep-learning frameworks that can then be transformed across other frameworks in different versions. Once these models are uploaded to cloud platforms, clients can use the predictive applications via customized API. He also assists in deploying customized models that ClearObject builds onto AI-based API for edge computing devices.

Cheng considers the internship a strong fit for his academic background. His doctoral research focuses mainly on computer vision and deep learning.

As a fifth-year Ph.D. student, Cheng sought the internship because of his desire to apply what he has learned in school to industry problems and to see the outcomes of that work. His first-hand experience as an intern is a validation of the algorithms and models he has read about but has not been able to see in action prior to this ClearObject career opportunity.

It was also, he said, a chance to see how to work in a large group of professionals and learn from other team members.

“Working at ClearObject enables me to have a connection with the real industry,” Cheng said. “I can now see how to apply the theoretical knowledge I learned from school into solving problems in reality. ClearObject provided me with an opportunity to fill in the blank space between academics and industry.” 

Cheng also praised the working atmosphere at ClearObject and the patience of colleagues who took the time to bring him up to speed on projects and explain the many details of his work.

The IUPUI partnership is a powerful change to bridge academics and real-life applications of data science for both the university and the company. The partnership, announced in May 2021, connects ClearObject with the university’s Institute of Integrative AI.

The collaboration involves ClearObject providing internship opportunities like Cheng’s, along with on-campus seminars and information sessions. ClearObject will assist in the development of curriculum and new bachelor’s degrees in artificial intelligence.

About ClearObject

ClearObject is a digital technology company. It helps clients find solutions by transforming data into actionable business outcomes using some of the most disruptive technologies. ClearObject leverages partnerships with Google and IBM to provide project management, development, system integration, and implementation services to its clients.

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