ClearObject Careers Spotlight: Tim Gruenhagen, Data Science Expert

Sep 30, 2021 | Blog

Tim Gruenhagen is a Data Scientist with ClearObject. His work helps ClearObject share client stories related to the Internet of Things (IoT). As a data scientist, he is an expert at resolving complex problems using information, technology, and innovation. He works with a variety of team members to develop real, actionable solutions to client problems.

Data scientists have been referred to as part mathematicians, part computer scientists, and part trend-spotter. They transform huge amounts of data into a useable format, utilize analytical techniques like machine learning, deep learning, and text analytics, and communicate with both IT and business stakeholders. Ultimately, they solve business-related problems with solutions that are backed by big data.

Data scientists help address big data problems that ultimately lead to insights that boost revenue for ClearOjbect clients.

ClearObject Careers Offer Endless Opportunities to Learn

Gruenhagen specializes in the areas of research and manufacturing. His expertise extends to equipment health monitoring and computer vision as well. He also has a teaching background, which helps him communicate better with both clients and peers.

As a data scientist, Gruenhagen sees various projects across a wide range of industries and areas. He states: “I appreciate the ratio of breadth to depth in my experience here.” He can not only learn about different business processes in his role, but he can also focus on growing his skills in a few key areas as well. The variety of projects is very appealing to Gruenhagen, who has experience in healthcare data science, information visualization, and cloud computing.  

Gruenhagen notes that perhaps the biggest reason he joined the ClearObject team was the ability to continuously learn. He enjoys not only solving problems but also using new and innovative tools to solve those problems. Insatiable curiosity is common among ClearObject team members. He describes the processes he is involved in as “exciting” because it moves beyond having to solve problems with outdated technology or using new technology to solve more mundane problems.

ClearObject careers thrive on creativity and innovation, and the team has the resources they need to put their skills to good use. As Gruenhagen points out, “The agility and emphasis on making work possible at ClearObject is refreshing.”

About ClearObject

ClearObject solves problems. It designs, develops, deploys, and manages innovative connected solutions and data products. Because the company’s aim is to create the world’s most innovative products, ClearObject careers are designed to support creativity and development. ClearObject prides itself on working hard but laughing harder.

The ClearObject headquarters is located in Fishers, Indiana, which is just north of downtown Indianapolis. The space is designed with collaboration in mind, with a fully stocked kitchen, rooftop patio, and various comfortable spaces for team members to meet and brainstorm. It’s within walking distance of a variety of shops, fitness facilities, and local eateries.

ClearObject’s recruiting efforts focus on savvy, committed self-starters who think outside the box. The ClearObject team also has the capacity and desire to continue learning and adapt to the needs of a wide variety of clients.