ClearObject has selected by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for evaluating IoT Core migration options and execution.

Aug 18, 2022 | Blog

ClearObject has been selected as the GCP Approved Migration Service Integrator (SI) for North America. Working closely with Google’s Product team, ClearObject has built Google-approved upfront diagnostic discovery and templates for migration.  With over a decade’s worth of experience in the Internet of Things, ClearObject is the most well-established company in the business. But in ClearObject’s case, well-established doesn’t mean conventional. “The digital era moves at a lightning-fast pace, and ClearObject makes it their goal not just to move along with it, but to move ahead of it. This takes significant forward-thinking and a visionary mindset—both of which the ClearObject team possesses in spades” – Chuck Scullion, COO, ClearObject.

ClearObject delivers global embedded software development environments for its customers, and designs and delivers unique data analytics digital products that help them recognize the value of their data.  

ClearObject IoT solutions include: 

  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of IoT Core/alternative solutions
  • Google Approved upfront Diagnostic Discovery and Templates for Migration 
  • IoT Experience in Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy, and Healthcare Clients

“We are pleased to be trusted by GCP and their customers with this critical initiative. As a leader in the design and engineering of today’s cutting edge Iot Solutions, ClearObject is committed to partnering and providing the best solutions available in the industry. No change like this is ever “one click” but with our proven templated approaches, we will make the change as seamless as possible for customers with the right architecture for today, and future needs” – Derek Bleyle, Head of Product, ClearObject.

Connect with your Google Cloud account manager to set up time with ClearObject for an introductory discussion or coordinate a meeting directly with ClearObject by emailing to discuss your current IoT environment and plan next steps.