ClearObject Partnership with the Institute of Integrative AI at IUPUI Announced

May 18, 2021 | Blog

ClearObject and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) recently announced an innovative partnership to expand opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) applications and research.

Under the agreement, ClearObject will provide tools to assist the university’s Institute of Integrative AI (iAI).

ClearObject will provide real-world, cutting-edge use cases that can be studied as part of the iAI curriculum. The iAI includes IUPUI’s School of Engineering and Technology, the School of Informatics and Computing, and the School of Science.

In addition, ClearObject will provide industry experience for IUPUI faculty, staff, and students. The agreement calls for ClearObject to offer internships at the company, on-campus seminars, and information sessions. The company and university also expect to create research and development collaborations that will use on-campus researchers.

“Artificial intelligence is responsible for a huge amount of the growth in the software industry today and is at the core of the products we develop for our customers,” said Ben Frame, Vice President of Digital Products at ClearObject. “Our partnership with IUPUI gives us access to a continual supply of AI expertise and technical talent to fuel our growth in the years ahead.”

ClearObject will help shape new bachelor’s degrees in artificial intelligence while providing students with real-life, real-time engagements outside of the classroom.

“Partnerships like the one with ClearObject ensure the institute will remain viable and relevant by engaging with a strong industry partner that services customers from both the public and private sectors,” said Shiaofen Fang, director of the institute. “Industry engagement is essential, working with a strong partner like ClearObject is invaluable.”

About the Institute of Integrative AI

The Institute of Integrative AI shapes academic programs at both Indiana University and Purdue University, both of which have a presence at IUPUI. An active research institute, the iAI provides a platform for students and faculty members to research and build artificial intelligence AI technology in learning and the working world.

The institute’s mission is “to act as a catalyst for the promotion and coordination of AI and AI-related research activities at IUPUI and beyond, and to develop major research initiatives for high-impact AI technologies and applications.”

Faculty members and researchers from both Indiana and Purdue from different academic units teach and conduct research under the institute’s auspices. The iAI’s goal is to bring that talent together.

About ClearObject

At ClearObject, we help businesses create digital products using technologies such as the cloud, the internet of things (IoT), data analytics, and artificial intelligence. We take pride in helping clients turn their data into valuable business outcomes.

ClearObject is a Premier Google Cloud Platform partner, who uses Google cloud services including machine learning, and analytics to build digital products for customers.

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