The Best Stories a Company Can Tell are the Stories of its Customers

Oct 1, 2019 | Blog

Every company has a story. Their “why.” But the best stories any company can tell are the ones about its customers.

Case studies about a customer’s organization, a problem it faced—or a market opportunity it uncovered— and the solution your company provided can be compelling reading for prospective new clients. “Hey, ABC Inc. was in the same situation our business is in. Maybe the solution they implemented will work for us.”

This makes a customer story one of the most powerful testimonials in business. The secret is getting these stories out to the masses.

ClearObject recently launched its new library of Customer Success Stories on our website, and we’re adding new ones every week. You can access and read them here.

As we say on the landing page, our customers have unique requests for their business… from machine learning to connecting components to IoT products and IoT applications, to artificial intelligence, data analytics, predictive modeling and more. Most of these customers have also used our ideate sprints, design sprints, and continuous design thinking process to validate their opportunity ideas and set successful development paths for their solution.

Along with these stories, others are forthcoming for our Engineering Cloud customers and the managed services we provide them.

In all, the solutions we work alongside our customers to create are equally unique to the issues they bring to us. A global energy company using automated visual aerial inspections for its wind farms and making wind turbine field assessments 10 times more efficient. A worldwide Tier 1 automotive supplier extending vehicle tire life up to 15% using fleet maintenance data aggregation, storage and processing. And a leading diagnostics firm realizing a 20% projected YOY increase in mean time between equipment failures thanks to predictive modeling.

Compelling stories, all.

As we additionally say on our new Customers web page, the one thing all ClearObject customers have in common is that they each get more than they thought possible.

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Visit our Customers page to read the stories we’ve posted, and then imagine the possibilities for your business.

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