Requirements Management from the Trenches: a New White Paper from ClearObject

Feb 20, 2020 | Blog

If you know anything about requirements management for product development and new digital solutions, it’s that the process is hard.

Compliance is a constant struggle. Requirements tools can be frustrating to figure out. The pressure of time to market and hitting the requirements mark the first time is non-stop. (Who gets the blame when a project fails, a product is defective, and rework takes over?) It’s ok to admit it… requirements management isn’t your favorite thing to do.

But it’s your job.

Best practices and other helpful ideas from two industry veterans

ClearObject just published a new white paper to help make requirements management a little easier, and we turned to a couple of our resident authorities to author it — two industry veterans who’ve been there.

Ron Felice is a product owner in ClearObject’s Engineering Product Development R&D group. Prior to ClearObject, he was a solution architect at IBM, where he worked for 14 years, a senior software engineer for General Motors, a software engineer for Pi Technology USA, and an information/test specialist for HP Enterprise Services.

Jason Epstein is a systems engineer for ClearObject’s Managed Services Operations, and for the past 17 years has specialized in the IBM Rational tool suite as a Rational administrator and consultant. He also provided support for 400+ Rational users as a technical analyst.

So when we titled their paper “From the Trenches,” it was an appropriate fit. Here’s some of what Ron and Jason talk about.

  • AI has become a must for the requirements definition process, and Watson AI for DOORS/DOORS Next/RQA in IBM’s Enterprise Lifecycle Management solution “gets it.” Requirements management is one of the cornerstones of IBM ELM.
  • For traceability, variant management and compliance requirements, atomicity is the key tenant of any quality requirement.
  • The secret to better requirements management is following best practices for these requirements cornerstones from IBM:
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Variant Management
  • Engineering Compliance
  • Agile Management

Download the white paper and put it to use

white paper on requirements management

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