Jazz Admin as a Service Whitepaper

Managed services with an IBM Jazz purpose, the business case for JAaaS

Being the administrator of IT systems and SaaS applications is an extremely demanding and time-consuming job.


And it’s non-stop.


For IBM Jazz and Rational tools administrators, ClearObject’s Jazz Admin as a Service — JAaaS — takes these monotonous admin and maintenance tasks off your plate.


  • Administration

  • Training & Implementation

  • Customization

  • Troubleshooting

  • Support

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A Thoughtful Leadership Whitepaper
But making the business case for JAaaS comes down to making your life easier in other ways, too.

Time is a commodity in short supply
Offload tedious admin activities to your dedicated Jazz Admin and focus on tackling the mission-critical tasks of your business.

Any impacts to users must be minimized
No more late nights and weekends. Your Jazz Admin can schedule off-hours services so you can attend your kid’s band concert… and still keep end-users happy.

Staying on top of everything is hard
With your Jazz Admin as your frontline support, you have more time to get your planning done, while maintaining complete situational awareness.

Training, training, and more training
Our Jazz Admins train existing users on new functionality and first-time users on application uses and best practices. Also get web-based training sessions on demand. 

Reporting that actually reports
Our Jazz Admins set up diagnostics, troubleshoot errors, and monitor system performance to ensure uptime — including reporting.

We know what you face every day...and wrote this whitepaper just for you.

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