White Paper: Product Team as a Service (think product development contract + agile model)

Mar 4, 2020 | Blog

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When the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was published in 2001, it presented a new way of thinking for IT product development, app development, and software development in general. Now all these years later, the Agile Manifesto remains the holy grail of development approaches — with one exception:

It still questions traditional service contracts.

Question answered. Product Team as a Service — PTaaS — from ClearObject is a new way of thinking of contracts for development projects in Agile terms. Translated, a way that structures internal contracts for product development and app development projects to align more closely with the Agile model.

Mutually shared vision for product development, application development

The benefit of PTaaS and its Agile principles is that it fosters a mutually shared vision of the customer-supplier relationship. It ties success directly to why a customer’s solution is being built, and provides additional value and metrics for the solution that gets delivered. And PTaaS does it with a technique that:

  • Inverts the fixed and estimated parts of the Golden Triangle for software development
  • Introduces checkpoints and exit points in the contract
  • Defines Agile roles for the ClearObject team as well as the customer team
  • Divides risk sharing

Read more, learn everything

PTaaS isn’t mainstream just yet, so we know there’s still a learning curve. That’s why two of our resident PTaaS experts have published a new white paper to explain exactly what PTaaS is, how it works, and why your organization should consider it for its next product development or app development project. Derek Bleyle is Product Manager, IoT and Data Analytics at ClearObject, and Matt Markiewicz is a Product Owner for IoT and Data Analytics.

The paper also answers some key questions — namely, what elements should appear in a PTaaS contract? — and tells you how ClearObject delivers to our PTaaS model. It even asks you a few questions with a checklist to see if PTaaS should be in your future.

We invite you to download the PTaaS white paper and put it to use.

Are we genuinely listening to the customer?

“A customer’s needs should dictate project priorities, so genuinely listening to them is a must. Because the product owners in our company’s IoT and Data Analytics development group represent the voice of the customer — which is central to the Product Team as a Service (PTaaS) approach we take — they’re responsible for setting the team’s priorities based on what the customer is saying.”

-John McDonald, Co-founder & Chief Evangelist, ClearObject

From “Essential Questions to Ask When Prioritizing Your Tech Projects,” Forbes Technology Council

About ClearObject

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