Trusting Managed Services for Your Application Development Environment

Nov 22, 2019 | Blog

The Emerging Technology Risk Services group at consulting firm KPMG has a whitepaper out for Building technical trust in which its authors discuss the trust factors an organization should focus on for the technology it uses. The factors are well-reasoned and totally objective.

Since trust can be an issue in managed services circles, we thought we’d connect some dots for our ClearObject Engineering Cloud and IBM ELM managed services. And ends up, the trust factors align pretty well with the following factors from KPMG.

KPMG | Promote unified compliance. Many digital products increase a business’s compliance burden by collecting and processing sensitive data, and SOC 2, HITRUST, ISO27001, and PCI are just a few of the compliance requirements a business must adhere to. Given the growing number of requirements, technology leaders should integrate compliance initiatives into a unified program that helps drive better products, aligns audit requirements, promotes control standardization, limits personnel touch points, and reduces redundant information requests.

ClearObject | For compliance, ClearObject, IBM and its Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) SaaS solution all hold ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018 certifications. While ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard for data security best practices, ISO 27017 and 27018 are specific controls for cloud-based service organizations that store and process client data containing sensitive or personally identifiable information. ClearObject, in fact, was an integral supporter in assisting IBM to obtain their ISO status for ELM SaaS.

Per IBM, compliance capabilities in their upgraded ELM solution also go beyond standard application lifecycle management (ALM) with Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) on OpenShift; ELM Cloud Pak (beta), modernization (UI refresh), cybersecurity compliance, and holistic/enterprise views across the system(s), (under design).

KPMG | Manage risks with agility by embracing “trust by design.” The importance of dynamically managing risks throughout the project lifecycle has never been more obvious. The core principles of trusted technology should be embedded into the core design of digital products and services, which requires providing clear guidelines and accelerators to product teams, having sufficient resources and training models, and measuring and mitigating technology risks throughout the lifecycle.

ClearObject | The IBM ELM managed services from ClearObject provide end-to-end integration between core engineering functions for Requirements, Test, Workflow Management, and Systems Design (MBSE). Product engineering teams therefore get a quality requirements management configuration and solid architecture managed across the lifecycle of enterprise scale. Also as Software as a Service (SaaS), ClearObject’s IBM ELM managed services environment allows entire engineering organizations to participate globally and evaluate developed concepts without having to dedicate their own IT resources. Overall, product engineering leaders limit risk, control costs and drive innovation.

KPMG | Invest in disruptive technology to help create a competitive advantage, make more insightful decisions, and better manage risks. Today, manual operations hinder productivity and efficiency while increasing the risk of accidental failure. Capitalize on powerful emerging software development tools that leverage intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to promote smoother, more data-driven operations.

Don’t get comfortable with today’s technology. The agile adoption of disruptive tools that capitalize on artificial intelligence and machine learning should allow the organization to not only achieve desired business outcomes but also support the development of intrinsically secure products and services. Products and enabling technology set the pace for market demand and stay current (or ahead) of customer expectations. Technology trends are predicted in advance, and innovation is fostered naturally throughout the enterprise.

ClearObject | The Engineering Cloud offering leverages ClearObject’s work in IoT to bring data analytics and machine learning to our engineering tool managed services. In monitoring hundreds of environments, we’re able to create a wealth of data that can be mined to predict issues in your environment before they occur. The more we learn from each customer, the more every customer’s experience is improved. By also supporting organizations of all kinds, we also identify and implement best practices across many industries. In KPMG’s terms, development organizations using Engineering Cloud get a competitive advantage, make more insightful decisions, and manage risks far more effectively.

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ClearObject is both an IBM Gold Business Partner and the sole managed service provider for IBM SaaS globally. With our ClearObject Engineering Cloud and IBM ELM Managed Services offerings, we’re able to bring knowledge and responsiveness together in the form of the IBM development process and IBM Support. The added advantage you get is working with a long-standing IBM partner — a single trusted source to administer your entire environment for engineering product development.

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