The Top 3 Reasons You Need Jazz Admin as a Service

Jan 24, 2020 | Blog

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Let’s face it, being the administrator of IT systems and SaaS applications is an extremely demanding job. The days and weeks are long, upgrade cycles on the applications are never well aligned, and OS patching is far too manual and time-consuming. So let’s break it down. Managed services would help. And Jazz Admin as a Service (JAaaS) from ClearObject provides managed services with an IBM Jazz purpose.

Without further ado, here are the top 3 reasons why JAaaS would be beneficial.

1. Time is a commodity in short supply

Many applications and IT systems administrators bemoan a lack of time as the single biggest challenge they face. There are a variety of reasons for this, but chief among them are:

  • Increased workloads
  • Special projects
  • Resources are constrained
  • Busy seasons
  • Vacations

While we can’t add more hours to your day, we can take some of the burden off your shoulders. With our highly skilled Jazz admins and the scope of managed services they provide for the IBM Jazz environment, you can offload some of the more tedious activities of onboarding users, managing permissions, creating projects, modifying process templates, etc. With these tasks no longer taking up cycles, you can focus on tackling the more mission-critical tasks of your business.

2. Impact to users is minimized

It seems that IT professionals in most businesses must stay late and go in on the weekend. IT admins face a challenge akin to performing highly skilled operations without waking the patients. Given these realities, managed services like JAaaS become an inviting option.

We don’t have a magic wand to prevent you from inhibiting your users in the middle of the production day, nor can we craft you an invisibility cloak. What our Jazz admins can do is schedule off-hours services to help you make it to your kid’s band concert. Whether it’s being your point of contact for Sev 1 issues, or upgrading your IBM Jazz applications, we have the highly skilled resources that you require to perform these tasks.

Sometimes, the impact to your users is not in taking the system down, but in long wait times for action to be taken. The amount of work on an admin’s plate is massive. Like brontosaurus burger massive! The reality we all have to accept is that our issue might not be the highest priority in the queue.

ClearObject’s Jazz admins can seamlessly integrate with your existing admins to support them. This will help you deliver a higher quality of service to your constituency. Whether it’s doing the heavy lifting for IBM Jazz or knocking out some quick hitters, we take it all in stride and help you create happy end-users.

3. Staying on top of everything is hard

IT admins make every effort to be proactive and plan ahead. However, they also have to respond to the day-to-day issues from the user base and the needs of the business. Again, managed services such as JAaaS can help.

With our Jazz admin as your frontline support, you’ll have the available time necessary to get your planning done. Focus on those things that you need to do in order to set your users up for success in the future and keep your head up out of the weeds. While you’ll be shielded from the front line, we will always ensure that you’ll never be out of the loop. Our Jazz admins will keep an open channel of communication so that you can maintain complete situational awareness.

Being Jazz admins is our full-time job, it’s what we do! You’ll be able to leverage our vast experiences across more than 150 customers for whom we’re already providing managed services for their IBM environment. IBM Jazz is part of that fabric. You and your team will benefit from not just improved response times and greater efficiency, but also in terms of the potential to learn best practices we’ve gathered and developed over the years and across our broad customer base.

This is exactly the offering that you’ve been waiting for, from the partner you can count on to be your extra pair of hands and meet the high expectations and standards you’ve set. Call it managed services for IBM Jazz. We simply call it JAaaS. Get in touch with us today to schedule your Jazz Admin as a Service planning call and be home in time for dinner.

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Ron Felice is a product owner in ClearObject’s Engineering Product Development R&D group. Prior to ClearObject, he was a solution architect at IBM, where he worked for 14 years. He has worked in the technology sector for 25 years overall.

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