Smart Pill Bottles Promoting Smarter Treatment

Jan 30, 2018 | Blog

Medication is only an effective treatment if you use it properly, and this extends to remembering when to take it. It can be difficult to recall when you are due for another dose or when you last took your medicine, especially if you suffer from memory loss.

Adhere Tech has developed an IoT enabled pill bottle that helps address these issues. Their line of smart, wireless pill bottles is clinically proven to increase patient adherence to their medical routine. Though it is designed like a normal pill bottle, sensors and a built in cellular chip in the bottle track usage and dosage, sending real time data on patient interaction with their medication.

Fully customizable and automate interventions, such as text messages, phone calls, and even the bottle lightening up or emitting a noise, are all available. You can even program the alerts to notify caregivers or medical staff when a patient misses a dose. The Smart Pill bottles record and analyze all usage data, storing it in a secure, online dashboard where it can be run as a custom report.

All of this data is stored securely, as Adhere maintains compliance with HIPAA, CE, ISO, the FDA and many more.

This product requires no patient setup, has over 6 months of battery life, and has a standard, child resistant cap. It is a seamless change from the classic yellow pill bottle to something so similar in design and function but infinitely more productive in terms of data generation.

The implications of this data collection extend to the integrity of clinical trials. Rather than having to assume test subjects maintain the regime required for a medicine’s success, researchers can collect information on any variables the users may produce through irregular consumption and adjust their study.

Adhere Tech used the Internet of Things to connect patients to more effective treatment. How can you leverage the Internet of Things to connect your customer to your product through data? Connect with our ClearObject team today and start putting your data to work.