Pacer Digital Systems

Jul 26, 2018 | Success Stories

Pacer Digital Systems, Inc. is known worldwide for providing cryofreezer data storage and safety through its CryoIntelligence network. Along with monitoring and recording critical data for biotech research institutions, hospitals, and pharma companies, Pacer Digital provides services for cryogenic applications, data collection, computer interfacing sensing technologies, and the cloud storage of data.
Pacer Digital Systems, Inc.

The Challenge: Pacer Digital next-generation CryoIntelligence application

Pacer Digital is enhancing its CryoIntelligence application and the app’s mechanisms for ingesting data from the devices their customers use to monitor cryofreezer systems. Along with improving how data is ingested, processed, stored, and presented, a key objective for the upgrade is to generate visible patterns in cryofreezer data. Such patterns, which require as much data as possible, are necessary for higher-level research in medical labs and for on-site troubleshooting and repairs by service technicians.

The Solution: Google Cloud Datastore and Google Cloud Dataflow

Initial State: Like the original CryoIntelligence application, the next-generation product will store data in Cloud Datastore. The next-gen app will also use Cloud Dataflow to synchronize data from the original application space to the next-gen space for storage. Cloud Dataflow will additionally enable ClearObject’s team to stream updates in real time between project phases.

The Result

Middle State: As part of ClearObject’s initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) deployment. ClearObject will synchronize data from the legacy CryoIntelligence environment for customers yet to be switched. New customers will be deployed to send data directly to the next-gen system.

200 Instrumenting data pipeline support for up to 200 data channels captured through eWon.

Up to 12 distinct data visualizations/alerts via improved data ingestion, based on customer input and personas.​

Going Forward

Final State: To enable all customer devices to send data to the next-gen CryoIntelligence system, ClearObject’s MVP will contain an ingestion application running within Google Container Engine. Google Pub/Sub will then carry the data to Cloud Dataflow to ensure storage in the proper format. This state will ensure up-to- date data in the Pacer Digital web application/front-end. As machine learning is implemented (not currently slated for MVP), ML models will also be fed into Cloud Dataflow to transform the data appropriately.

ClearObject’s scrum process for Pacer Digital

In support of the Pacer Digital MVP solution, ClearObject is set to perform Services at a velocity determined after three initial development sprints which includes the following:
a. Provide Ongoing product management services including, but not limited to, story mapping, prototype development, backlog grooming, and weekly development updates
b. Provide Product development and testing services in support of the MVP solution

​Deliverable materials:

  • Product artifacts such as but not limited to:
  • Prototype
  • Product Backlog
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Release Plan