Innovative Results Begin with Intentional Design

Feb 1, 2018 | Blog

When IoT first emerged, there was an overwhelming rush to explore the potential it held. This resulted in the market being flooded with over-engineered solutions, platforms, and toolsets. Everything IoT could do became wrapped into industry offerings. No matter the level of importance or actual benefit to the end consumer, all the data that could be collected was collected, without much thought as to why or for whom.

Rather than asking users how they performed a task and applying relevant data to improve that process, early solutions overloaded users with data and information that did not always address their core concerns. Clunky, counter-intuitive interfaces discourage user engagement and doom any attempts at effective data collection.

The success of IoT ultimately lies in the amount of interaction between the user and the “thing” collecting data. ClearObject focuses on making solutions that are sophisticated in function but simplistic in their materialization, curating a user experience rather than a standard deliverable.

We understand that there is a gap in today’s business model between the customer’s ideas/wants and the functions of pre-provided platforms. Too often, a customer’s capacity for innovation is limited by the available, pre-packaged technology. ClearObject enables uninhibited innovation by bridging the gap between a customer and their preferred platform with custom solutions and continued management. We allow the user to inform the solution, rather than permitting the technology to dictate the process to which a user must conform.

Our solution development is infused with elements of Design Thinking, including a Design Thinking Workshop. The workshop focuses on establishing user friendly, effective solutions hosted on world-class platforms so you can access your data easily and efficiently. Our dedicated solution team is comprised of engineers, developers, designers, project managers and IoT solution managers. They will work to better understand your ideal project outcome(s) and the end user needs, developing solutions that improve your product offering, result in quick ROI, and enable wide-scale adoption.

Inviting the end user into the design process ensures that your solution ultimately is tailor made for them. This results in increased engagement, improved data collection, and satisfied customers. Connect with ClearObject today, and ask about our Design Thinking Workshops.