DevOps, Software Development and Watson IoT

Our team understands that the key to fully leveraging the power of IoT is a strong infrastructure.

ClearObject provides a robust managed services offering, allowing customers to turn over the everyday IT responsibilities to a trusted and capable partner.

Let us worry about system upgrades, compliance and server maintenance while you focus on continuing to deliver stellar service to your customers.

ClearObject Managed Services


• 24/7 Email and phone support, service desk
• Incident and problem management
• Change and configuration management
• Customer Portal
• Cloud hosting and virtualization
• Storage and backup
• Disaster recovery
• Colocation

Onboarding and Operations

• Platform sizing and resource configuration
• Provisioning and hardening of resources
• Documentation and delivery of deployment architecture
• Environment validation
• Setup of all public IP security scans
• Security certificate management
• Patch management, O/S upgrades

Account Management

✓ Creation and management of accounts
✓ Access to certified architects and engineers
✓ Monitored and maintained platform resources
✓ Account management and monthly review of platform health

Add-on Services

✓ Project services for full product ideation, connection, development and support
✓ Managed DevOps for processing and tooling
✓ Licensing compliance
✓ Deep application optimization
✓ Security threat detection

For more information on how ClearObject can power your organization’s infrastructure, download our product data sheets today!

PMQ Data Sheet

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GitHub Data Sheet

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ECM Data Sheet

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CertTech Data Sheet

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