High Level View of Long Term Success

Feb 22, 2018 | Blog

Drone technology is being leveraged in unique and innovative conversations about automated tasks: pizza delivery, Amazon Prime delivery, video production, etc.

The company Aerobotics is entering the conversation with their application of drone technology to agriculture. Aerobotics uses drone imaging and surveillance to capture and analyze important farming metrics. The on-demand satellite analytics Aerobotics provides offer insight to monthly water usage, fertilizer deployment in order to better inform resource allocation. The data also has the ability to generate crop health maps, moisture index maps, and track crop performance across growing seasons backed by two years’ worth of historical data for comparison.

Aerobotics has the ability to run drone generated images through their algorithms and derive actionable data. This extends to the ability to manage each individual plant, as well as provide the necessary information to track performance across the season. Customers have the option to pilot their own drone within the service, or request a professional drone pilot.

All of this data is fed back into Aeroview, an app that aggregates, processes, and visualizes the data provided by the drone. The app can diagnose pest, disease, and nutrient issues and inform the user if any such issues are present in their particular crop. Through this centralized application, the company has the ability to create a database that can translate into not only immediate adjustments in farming practices, but a long term success built on data driven decision making.

Promising customers an increased yield by as much as 10%, one of the company’s primary objective is to boost productivity and optimize farming for those in rural African communities. About 60% of African’s live in a rural area that is dependent on farming. Rather than relying only on imported goods to sustain the demand for steady food production in these areas, the focus has turned to making current farming practices more efficient.

Aerobotics is connecting farmers to detailed data analytics that can change the way they produce food. How can you better connect to your data and create a path to better business practices? Contact ClearObject today to start putting your data to work.

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