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Build better AI. Turbo-charge your developers, speed time to market, and produce more accurate GenAI solutions with the user-friendly ClearObject GenAI Builder tool.

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Who is GenAI Builder for?

Have you outgrown Jupyter Notebook? Has your team tried to build AI solutions but the results are falling short of expectations? Is your team spread too thin, or do they just lack the experience in this new field?

ClearObject’s GenAI Builder can help. We’ve built generative AI development best practices into the tool so you can harness the power of LLMs, ensure quality, and take your projects to the next level.

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GenAI Builder by ClearObject

Key Benefits of the GenAI Builder

Generative AI solutions hold the immense promise of productivity gains that haven’t been seen in generations. GenAI is creating efficiencies across industries, although the risks of inaccurate results has created a hesitancy to trust the results of AI.

Differentiating your business and realizing the full efficiencies of AI require you to build highly accurate AI models that users will trust enough to integrate into their daily operations. The ClearObject GenAI Builder tool makes it easy to design, implement and maintain accurate and effective GenAI solutions.


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Increase Accuracy


Improve accuracy rates and reduce AI “hallucinations” to produce superior results

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Accelerate Development

Test and iterate more quickly with an easy-to-use process for creating the desired output

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Ease of Integration


Easily add data to the model and seamlessly integrate the output into your existing systems

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Usability & Trust

Natural Language Processing makes tools easier to understand leading to higher usage and trust

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Features & Differentiators

Power of LLMs

Harness the Power of LLMs

GenAI Builder works like a programming language to help your models handle more complexity and sophistication. Plug in your own LLM model or choose from the best available models for your use case. 

Iterative AI testing

Fast, Iterative Testing

GenAI Builder workflows & agents enables users to quickly & iteratively test the efficacy of advanced, multi-agent enterprise GenAI workflows for both ingestion & runtime

software deployment made easy

Easily Deployable

Unique GenAI Builder Architecture is easily deployable onto Google Cloud or other cloud platforms and outputs can be easily integrated into other applications

Built-in advanced engineering

Built-in Advanced Engineering

We can apply advanced prompt engineering techniques with our services, inclusive of a novel approach to GenAI document ingestion & runtime retrieval called microprompting

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Join the Beta waitlist

Request a GenAI Builder demo and join the waitlist for access to our cutting-edge development tool to help you quickly build and deploy highly-accurate, user-friendly AI solutions.

Not ready to build your own GenAI solutions? ClearObject can help.

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Generative AI

ClearObject has been selected as a Google Enterprise GenAI Partner to help businesses navigate this rapidly evolving impact of Artificial Intelligence. Our experts will help businesses across industries discover, test, and capture the value of Enterprise GenAI solutions.


Image of a woman with abstracts of online content
AI Content Creation
Transform the creative process with fast, efficient, streamlined ideation powered by GenAI.
Abstract image of AI discovering content
Content Discovery
Build AI enhanced search engines to navigate complex transactions or analyze patterns in documents.
Abstract image of multiple pieces of content coming together
Content Summarization
Distill long form chats, emails, websites, or reports down to their core for quick comprehension
Abstract image of AI assisting process automation
Process Automation
Transform time consuming, repetitive, expensive processes to efficient ones
Abstract image of a chatbot communicating with a customer
Customer Interactions
Create conversational, informative interactions for internal and external customers
Abstract image of AI helping to personalize content for a customer
Content Personalization
Anaylze and interpret customer data to create unique recommendations and experiences

Discover Use Cases for Your Industry

Potential use cases for AI are only limited by the human imagination. ClearObject experts can help businesses identify the right areas for AI development, then help build and launch solutions.

Robot arms on an assembly line
Computer Vision and AI data analysis to help transform manufacturing operations and improve the bottom line. AI can help lower costs, accelerate throughput, improve quality, and increase safety.


Wastewater processing facility
Wastewater and Pipes
Advances in technology make it easier to inspect pipes than ever before, and ClearObject Artificial Intelligence (AI) can analyze the data quickly and accurately while identifying  trouble areas that human inspectors are likely to miss.
Image of seating at an empty restaurant. Computer Vision and AI technology can improve operations for restaurants of all sizes.
Labor shortages, changing consumer needs, increased competition, and other factors increase the challenges for restaurants of all sizes to find success. Computer Vision (CV) and AI solutions solve many of today’s most common problems and deliver a positive ROI.
Photo of two people working on computers to analyze financial statements<br />
Financial Services
AI is poised to drive tremendous improvements in the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of financial analysis. From summarizing vast amounts of data to discovering signals humans may miss, the potential is endless.
Healthcare professionals using AI data analysis to improve patient outcomes
Generative AI is a powerful tool for analyzing data and helping to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. When data is being collected from disparate sources, GenAI can make sense of it in a secure way, providing optimal outcomes for all participants in the healthcare ecosystem.
Retail boutique that can benefit from GenAI and Computer Vision solutions
GenAI is creating innovative solutions that enhance retail customer experience and drive business growth. Retailers are embracing AI to stay ahead of the competition, deliver unparalleled customer experiences, and unlock new levels of success in the evolving retail landscape.

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