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Managing your application development environment for you 

ClearObject Engineering Cloud and its Direct Services offering migrates, deploys, and manages your IBM development tools in the cloud for you. With our team as your IBM partner for these managed services, you can focus on engineering and developing the products that drive your business, rather than constantly administering your environment.

So can your team.

ClearObject Direct Services

Your life should be easier.

Engineering product development should be a priority,

not the day to day maintenance & upkeep of your development toolset.




























Going beyond just hosted managed services for IBM development tools.

ClearObject is both an IBM Gold Business Partner and the sole managed service provider for IBM SaaS globally. With our Engineering Cloud offering, and with our Direct Services contract option in particular, this is how we’re able to bring knowledge and responsiveness together in the form of the IBM development process and IBM Support. The added advantage you get is working with a long-standing IBM partner — a single trusted source to administer your entire environment for engineering product development.


How ClearObject Direct Services make a difference:

ClearObject's relationship with IBM support

IBM Support is deeply aware of ClearObject’s deployment architecture for their tools, eliminating many of the early questions in a support scenario. ClearObject is additionally able to provide direct log file access through a secure upload to IBM Support. When a product problem exists, IBM Support has direct access to the logs they need to diagnose the problem — they know the architecture of the deployment, and they get to a fix more quickly.


Automated patching and upgrades

ClearObject has completed hundreds of successful projects for patches and upgrades and has been able to automate the process as a result. Consider: If you deploy on-premise, you do each patch/upgrade for the first time, every time. But by having performed that same patch/upgrade on hundreds of environments, our blend of experience and automation reduces errors, improves speed, and consistently results in positive support outcomes.


Product-specific monitoring to prevent issues

To prevent issues before they occur, ClearObject monitors inside the product as well as external basics. This enables us to perform prognostics based on pattern recognition well in advance. (Looking only at servers misses the big picture.) Such an ability to monitor your environment, plus those of all other Engineering Cloud customers, generates knowledge that helps the entire customer community.


Extensive security

Get the security of a single-tenant virtual private cloud for deployment and to monitor cloud and user activity, all protected by a VPN tunnel.


Continuous research and best practices

ClearObject continually invests in research for automation, machine learning, and other features that streamline and enhance the IBM tool suite. By supporting organizations of all kinds, we also identify and implement best practices across many industries.

 ClearObject Direct Services 

 • BYOL (Bring your own licensing) for the IBM tools you want and sign directly with ClearObject for deployment and support services

• Your tools are deployed on the Google Cloud Platform for impressive performance, security-compliant systems, and reduced costs compared to competitors.



As low as $999/month

with concurrent user pricing as low as $12.50.

Contract options and routes of service:

  IBM SaaS 

• Purchase IBM SaaS as a product offering and ClearObject performs all managed services as the sole managed service provider for IBM SaaS globally.

• Your tools are deployed on IBM Cloud, an integrated global private network with unlimited bandwidth on bare metal and virtual servers.



 IBM Contract Services 

• BYOL (Bring your own licensing) for the IBM tools and contract separately for managed services through an IBM Statement of Work, and we perform those support services for them.

• Your tools are deployed on the Google Cloud Platform for impressive performance, security-compliant systems, and reduced costs compared to competitors.

As low as $999/month with concurrent user pricing as low as $12.50. IBM pricing premiums will apply.

"We have accelerated our time to market and reduced our build and deployment time by 55%, freeing our developers to focus on the task at hand, not the tools in hand."


-- Gabriel Lima,Methodology Manager Itaú BBA

Benefits in-depth

Fully staffed and managed activities:

• Deployment of CLM, ELM, CE and DOORS Legacy tools to the cloud

       • CLM tools supported: DNG, RQM, RTC, DCC, JRS, LQE

       • CE tools supported: RELM, RMM, RPE, RD

       • Note: DOORS is available only through our managed services model

• Integration of client-side plugins to your environment

• Administration change management – user changes, group creation, account security configuration

• Maintenance and patching work to always ensure a stable and secure application environment

• Application upgrades to keep up with the latest version

• Production environment migrations, including the transfer of all data and/or custom templates

• Incident and support ticket resolution

• Multiple network connectivity options to suit business needs: S2S, SSL VPN Client, or Public Internet

• Continuous, proactive 24/7/365 monitoring of environment

• Always secure and highly available – minimum of a 99.9% SLA

• Customer Success Reviews to ensure your business goals are consistently met, or revised as needed

• Customizable product package to suit business needs and increase efficiency while remaining low cost

• 3rd party tool support. Engineering Cloud customers who have IBM products deployed in the same secure environments with other 3rd party engineering development tools can take advantage of comprehensive 3rd party tool support. Do you have a 3rd party tool? Ask us about how we manage these tools for hundreds of other customers.

• Nightly backups and a 7-recovery-point minimum with 1 recovery point daily per environment. Need better? Our customers can have this adjusted to meet their specific individual needs.

• Two upgrades per product per year, and one iFix per product per month is included

• Optional add-ons*: Extra Environment for Test/QA, Data Imports during onboarding, server-side plug-in integration


(*Subject to additional cost)

Enhancing Performance Globally & Continually 

By hosting your engineering development tools on Google Cloud Platform, ClearObject lets you inherently enhance performance across the globe. But we don’t stop there.


Above and beyond IBM Saas

New ClearObject Direct Services releases will enhance your environment in ways

IBM SaaS can’t.


ClearObject production direction

Adding managed services value for your

engineering development tools is unending. See our upcoming improvements.

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Engineering Cloud Continuous Enhancements


Engineering Cloud Contract Options comparison matrix 


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