GenAI Ebook

The Leader’s Guide to Generative AI for Business

Generative AI (GenAI) is suddenly everywhere. Or is just marketing hype? It can be challenging to understand how to best leverage new technology for your business, so we’ve created an introductory eBook to help you navigate the process.

In “The Leader’s Guide” you will learn about how to identify the highest ROI use cases for your business along with the basics of generative AI, how it works, and the different types of generative AI models.

GenAI is poised to usher in the largest shift in how we do business in over a generation. Make sure you are prepared for the change. Download the Leader’s Guide today.

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Chapter 1 : Understanding Generative AI

Chapter 2: How Generative AI Differs from Other AI Approaches

Chapter 3: High-level Use Cases for Generative AI

Chapter 4: Additional Use Cases

Chapter 5: Implementing Enterprise Generative AI

Chapter 6: Determining ROI for Generative AI

Chapter 7: Challenges and Considerations

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