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Beyond OEE for Manufacturing

How Vision AI improves efficiency, cycle time, and profitability

July 24, 2024  |  1pm ET/10am PT

Boosting OEE with AI

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a common KPI used to assess the efficiency of manufacturing equipment and processes, and yet it is only the first step of being able to fully understand and improve that efficiency. 

Learn how Vision AI can help you measure OEE more accurately, drive a more holistic view of your operation, and lay the groundwork for your efficiency strategies.

Join this webinar to hear from manufacturing innovators and leaders, and discover real-world examples of Vision AI’s success in improving manufacturing efficiency.

  • Understand the OEE formula and how it is used
  • Identify the six big losses OEE identifies and how you can improve 
  • Learn how Vision AI can be a powerful tool for improving on the limitations of OEE
  • See real-world examples of Vision AI’s success in the manufacturing industry

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