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How Jaguar Land Rover Formatted New Development Specifications for its Engineers Worldwide

October 31, 2019

In the world of technology, innovating a successful solution for one of your customers is the best story any business can tell. ClearObject has delivered solutions for IoT projects and connected components, data analytics, AI, machine learning, predictive modeling and more—including managed services for organizations using IBM development tools.


In many cases, these solutions go beyond what our customers ever thought possible. One such solution is for Jaguar Land Rover and the services they use for IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management—aka IBM ELM—managed by ClearObject.


Read their full story



Jaguar Land Rover is well known for its breakthrough innovations, industry firsts, and attention to quality. To support continuous engineering and development globally, the company maintains technology hubs for product development groups and tech partners worldwide.


The Challenge: Format new development specifications for engineers worldwide

One of the hallmarks of Jaguar Land Rover is introducing features to market quickly. So when the company created new development specifications for engineering, it had to find a format that could be understood and adapted by more than 600 engineers around the world—quickly.


Once implemented, the solution would need to accelerate development and validation across time zones and engineering disciplines… while at the same time ensuring uptime, security, and the ability to rapidly adapt new requirements as needed.


The Solution: IBM Watson IoT Platform, plus IBM ELM managed by ClearObject

IBM’s Watson IoT Platform was the key to supporting the easily understood format Jaguar Land Rover needed for their new development specifications and engineering users. But IBM ELM services managed by ClearObject were just as vital—giving Jaguar Land Rover a secure and scalable cloud platform to support the new Watson IoT environment and IBM engineering tools the company’s global engineering teams rely on.


The Result

  • Software validation time reduced by more than 90%

  • Bug-detection time reduced by 90%

  • Improved requirements management, enabling quick adaption of new requirements whenever needed

  • New software-enabled features like 3-D navigation and media playback systems for a seamless user experience

  • Platform integration and collaboration across disciplines, time zones, and supply chains


When you understand that every customer is unique and consistently deliver what they ask for, the result can be a whole library of “success stories.”


See more of them on our Customer Success Stories web page, and then imagine the possibilities for your business.




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