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ClearObject is a digital transformation company highly specialized in IoT Engineering, Analytics and Connected Product Development. As a certified Google Cloud Partner and IBM business partner, we’re experts at developing and implementing targeted data analytics strategies based on your company’s unique needs. Additionally, we can deploy, migrate and manage serverless cloud solutions, including AI tools and end-to-end machine learning models, so you’re free to focus on what matters most: getting value from your data.




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Surface the untapped value of your data: highlights from Google Cloud Research

AI now has practical applications across industries and functions, and businesses are adopting it for everything from marketing personalization and image classification to supply chain optimization and fraud detection.

In multiple studies, Google’s research partners have demonstrated that ML offers significant business benefits to the substantial ―and rapidly growing ―number of organizations that are using it to turn data into insights. Indeed, ML has become essential to modern businesses’ ability to compete and survive. Google has held that belief for a long time, and forward-thinking business and IT leaders clearly share it.


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