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ClearObject is a digital transformation company highly specialized in IoT Engineering, Analytics and Connected Product Development. As a certified Google Cloud Partner and IBM business partner, we’re experts at developing and implementing targeted data analytics strategies based on your company’s unique needs. Additionally, we can deploy, migrate and manage serverless cloud solutions, including AI tools and end-to-end machine learning models, so you’re free to focus on what matters most: getting value from your data.




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Get the Numbers Behind the Machine Revolution

Machine Learning (ML) is rapidly proving its value to organizations. In fact, 89 percent of early adopters believe that their ML initiatives can provide a competitive advantage.  And 45 percent say they’ve already gained more insights from these initiatives. 


Read this report to find out how ML can make your organization more competitive, efficient and secure.  Get insights from recent studies conducted by researchers commissioned by Google, including adoption rates, business benefits and best practices for managing ML initiatives. 


Take a look – then book a discovery workshop with our experts about realizing the full benefits of Google Cloud machine learning for your business.


Read the report  >>

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