Requirements Management from the Trenches
Best Practices & other helpful ideas

Managing requirements for new digital solutions is hard. The Project Management Institute says 47% of failed projects are due to poor requirements. They also say requirements errors cause 50% of product defects, and 80% of the rework needed to fix the flaws. Add these realities, too.


The compliance environment has never been more complex. The level of frustration with requirements tools has never been higher. And quite honestly, requirements management is not any product engineer’s favorite thing to do.


But it’s your job.

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A Thoughtful Leadership Whitepaper
Best Practices and other helpful ideas

Two of ClearObject’s industry veterans have written this whitepaper to help engineering product development teams get requirements right the first time. Call it experience from having been in the trenches themselves, and sharing what they’ve learned…

• AI has become a must for the requirements definition process, and                     Watson AI for DOORS/DOORS Next/RQA in IBM’s Enterprise Lifecycle              Management solution “gets it.”

• For traceability, variant management and compliance                                           requirements, atomicity is the key tenant of any quality requirement. 

 • The secret to better requirements management is following best                      practices for these requirements cornerstones from IBM:

• Requirements Traceability

• Variant Management

• Engineering Compliance

• Agile Management