Product Team as a Service
The principles of PTaaS and the positive outcomes you can expect

When the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was published in 2001, it presented a new way of thinking for IT development projects. And all these years later, the Agile Manifesto remains the holy grail of software development — with one exception: 


It still questions traditional service contracts.

We’ve written this white paper to introduce a new means of realizing internal contracts in a way that fits Agile projects. The technique is one in which we:


       •  Invert the fixed and estimated parts of the golden triangle

       •  Introduce checkpoints and exit points in the contract

       • Define Agile roles

       •  Divide risk sharing

Product Team as a Service  Download

A Thoughtful Leadership Whitepaper

Our reasoning? To promote an understanding that the most efficient way of bringing flexibility to a contract is to base it on a mutually shared vision of the customer-supplier relationship.

Which is where Product Team as a Service — PTaaS — comes in.


       •  Why PTaaS?

       • What is it?

       • What key elements should appear in a PTaaS contract?

       • How ClearObject delivers to the PTaaS model