Making the case with your boss for a new digital product
How to develop a compelling opportunity solution tree that does the talking for you.
“What’s the opportunity? Solution? The outcome you expect?… Show me your plan.”
- Your Boss 

You have a great idea for a new digital product. You’ve done some discovery work, identified an opportunity, and have a can’t-miss solution in mind. But now comes the hard part. You have to explain the opportunity to your boss, and convince them a new product is the answer.


It’s here that an opportunity solution tree becomes your best friend. Call it talking to your boss visually. And explicitly.

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Use our checklist.

Depending on the opportunity and the depth of your solution and product idea, an opportunity solution tree can get complex. Use the following checklist to create a solution tree that avoids complexity, and that will convince your boss the product idea you have is worth pursuing.

Make your case clearly.

Your opportunity solution tree should clearly visualize the connections between your product idea and the desired outcome you’ve defined. 


It should show your boss you’ve uncovered opportunities, solutions and experiments from different avenues to arrive at your outcome.


It should categorize and assess solution assumptions, showing the risks for things like product value, usability, feasibility, and whether the business supports your solution.


And, it should invite questions from your boss and various stakeholders to generate further solution ideas

Opportunity Solution Tree Datasheet/Checklist Download

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