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Our services wrap around the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a secure, fully featured enterprise solution that leverages Google’s core infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning.  With GCP, your organization benefits from proven architecture deployment models that aid with the complexity of networking and security compliance.

At the heart of IoT is data, and it’s the collection, correlation, analysis and application of that data that creates new business opportunities. Data is at the core of a new generation of products and services that make those numbers tangible and consumable. Organizations who own or control those streams of data are the key influencers of the outcomes of IoT, and with ClearObject and Google you can leverage your data more efficiently with quicker ROI.

This Data Sheet will show you how we simplify IoT leveraging the power of Google Cloud Platform.

This PDF will:

  • Help you understand how our forward-thinking experts clarify the complexity of IoT
  • Provide insight as to how we connect things, ideas, partners, systems and data
  • Describe the elements that must align to provide clear pathways to bring IoT solutions to life

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