ClearObject Direct Services - Enhanced Services

Go above & beyond IBM SaaS

Along with the global advantages of hosting your engineering development tools on Google Cloud Platform, these Engineering Cloud Direct Services releases add to the list of benefits.

       Rapid demo/rapid mock

       Improved retention policy

       • White glove management.      

      • BYOL using customer token licensing in the cloud

        Offline maintenance notifications

        Disaster recovery-enhanced Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective

        Custom business hour support and availability

        High availability of the environment

        24/7 high performance of ELM Global Teams

ClearObject Product Direction

Building value for every organization using ClearObject’s Engineering Cloud services for their engineering development tools is a constant focus. These are just some of the latest steps we’re taking to deliver even better performance for your engineering development environment.


preformance for global teams

We start with simply putting the endpoint for your VPN tunnel closer to your remote users. This gets you on the Google Cloud Platform fiber network more quickly and reduces latency.


Going forward, we’re researching moving the location of “mastership” during a day through HA replication. This will bring the focus of performance closer to the location that’s most active at a particular point in a day.



The Engineering Cloud offering leverages ClearObject’s work in the Internet of Things (IoT) to bring data analytics and machine learning to our engineering tool managed services. 


In monitoring hundreds of environments, we’re able to create a wealth of data that can be mined to predict issues in your environment before they occur. The more we learn from each customer, the more every customer’s experience is improved.

disaster recovery


Through environment replication and database replication, we’re working to bring stronger disaster recovery options to every customer organization that relies on us. We will continue to reduce your recovery point objective and decrease your recovery time objective.


And while we’ve already made significant improvements for disaster recovery, we’re always working to provide even greater options over our currently available standards.