Design Thinking

Ideation towards

Greater Innovation


A brief, introductory call or meeting to kickoff the project and ensure everyone knows the project scope, requirements, and deadlines.



One of our flavors of Ideation consulting that is tailored to your specific business needs, opportunity, and level of familiarity with IoT solutions.



Our team designs and develops wireframes, prototypes, and pilots to make sure the idea we came up with in our workshop looks, feels, and operates the way we need it to.



We implement your new solution, continually iterating to include features from your backlog and constantly improve functionality.



We are an IoT Systems Innovator, providing end-to-end IoT Solutions.

There is a gap in today’s business model between the customer’s ideas/wants and the functions of pre-provided platforms. 


Too often, a customer’s innovation is limited by the available technology. 

ClearObject enables this innovation by bridging the gap between a customer and their preferred platform with custom solutions and continued management. 


Our Connected Solutions will integrate with the platform of your choosing, allowing you to incorporate existing technology into a new solution.


ClearObject ensures a user-centric custom product by developing your solution with your end-user in mind.

Our Design Thinking Workshop focuses on user friendly, effective solutions hosted on world-class platforms so you can access your data easily and efficiently.


Our dedicated solution team is comprised of engineers, developers, designers, project managers and IoT solution managers.  They will work to better understand your project outcomes, the end user needs, and develop solutions that improve your product with quick ROI and wide-scale adoption.    


IoT 101

This is a starter course to educate your team on IoT as a general subject, as it pertains to your industry, and even as it pertains to particular specialties (such as product security).


Ideation Consultation

A personalized, half day session where you will meet with our solution’s consultants to discuss your particular business case and develop a high level roadmap for a potential solution.


Design Thinking Workshop

2-3 day engagement where your team will be guided through a series of exercises to validate and develop a user-centric solution our team of experts can move into pilot phase for further validation.

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