UI ITSC is the Unemployment Insurance Information Technology Support Center for the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA). The staff at UI ITSC provide information, software tools, products and advisory services to support IT systems for state unemployment insurance agencies throughout the U.S. UI ITSC has worked with ClearObject in a managed services partnership since 2011. 

The Challenge: Keeping the UI ITSC development environment and tools operating at peak efficiency

As a support center, UI ITSC is a “trusted key resource for the effective use of information technology and related technical assistance to support states’ UI programs.” Along with continuous modernization projects, UI ITSC develops, distributes, and supports products such as UI system modules, analytics model prototypes, collaboration and security 
tools, and other needed IT solutions. Also key is replicating successful IT models and practices for each UI agency NASWA serves. 


Considering how critical these services are, keeping the UI ITSC development environment and tools operating at peak efficiency is equally critical — and ongoing.

“ClearObject is now running on Google Cloud Platform, which UI ITSC was seamlessly and professionally moved to at a convenient time for our organization. 
Once on the new Google Platform, our performance increased significantly.”


-- Kevin Knubel , Information Technology Specialist, UI ITSC

The Solution: ClearObject Engineering Cloud Managed Services, Google Cloud Platform 

Central to meeting UI ITSC’s increased efficiency and performance needs was migrating their existing development environment, IBM tools and users to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) — a process that ClearObject’smanaged services specialists completed in less than 10 hours. Migrations similar in scope often require several days or weeks. 


The migration effort included all testing for the new GCP environment, with the UI ITSC and ClearObject teams working jointly to identify and resolve issues during testing and validation. 

The Result

With GCP, UI ITSC staff now have a more powerful and secure platform to keep their environment operating at the performance levels they and their UI clients require, especially as IT projects and development efforts increase in complexity. 

Going Forward

Along with mobile and web application development, data product development, and deep learning, Donan’s vision for new offerings includes monetizing artificial intelligence models both inside and outside of their traditional customer demographics. The solution from ClearObject puts Donan’s vision well within reach.

Managed Services provided by ClearObject

Continuous monitoring of your environment

Monitoring is 24/7/365 and specific to the tools you use

Monitoring your environment and OS for security patching

Proactive, faster, fewer errors — the result of our knowledge from patches and upgrades on hundreds of environments

Updates in less time

Higher first-attempt update success rates = minimized outage time

Minimize down time

Fewer unplanned outages, since your environment is constantly well-maintained

ClearObject's relationship with IBM Support

With direct access to server logs, IBM Support gets to your fix much quicker

Scalability via the cloud and Google data centers worldwide

Scale as needed, when needed, to locations around the globe

Cloud flexibility for real data environment

Create temporary environments, validate your environment, and more

Extensive security

A single-tenant virtual private cloud for deployment, and to monitor cloud and user activity

ClearObject is a digital transformation leader in Internet of Things (IoT) Engineering and Analytics. As IBM Watson IoT and Google Cloud Business Partners, we deliver global embedded software development environments for our customers, and design and deliver unique data analytics digital products that help them recognize the value of their data. Our objective is clear: help the world’s best companies build intelligence into their products and gain intelligence from them.

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