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Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover is known throughout the automotive world for its breakthrough innovations, industry firsts, and attention to quality. To support continuous engineering and development globally, the company maintains technology hubs for product development groups and tech partners worldwide, including the new National Automotive Innovation Centre in Gaydon, UK. These hubs allow Jaguar Land Rover engineers to design some of the smartest and most connected vehicles available.

The Challenge: Format development specifications for engineers worldwide

The $13 million Posterity Scholar House project is the first phase of BWI’s four-phase Posterity Heights urban revitalization development initiative in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This initial phase of the connected community is now being constructed, with the project’s 44 housing units each set to feature smart thermostats, power meters, and other intelligent devices powered by a 500KW solar array. The array is also anticipated to power an electric car sharing service. Additional connectivity will come by way of a new app and connected community web portal for residents that will let them manage energy, transportation and other functions electronically via their smartphone. 


To support this proposed connectivity overall, the challenge was to first create—and prove—the project’s foundational cloud elements, instrumentation, data pipe, analytics, and end-user personas and processes.

The Solution: IBM® Watson IoT, plus IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) managed by ClearObject

For innovations like intelligent infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), one of the hallmarks of Jaguar Land Rover is introducing product features to market quickly, and cost-effectively. So when the company created new development specifications for engineering, it had to find a format that could be understood and adapted by more than 600 engineers around the world—quickly.


Once implemented, the solution would need to accelerate development and validation across time zones and engineering disciplines, while at the same time ensuring uptime, security, and the ability to rapidly adapt new requirements as needed.

The Result

IBM Watson IoT has enabled Jaguar Land Rover to transform its engineering approach and strengthen the way it designs and builds new automotive products and product features. As importantly, the Watson IoT Platform lets the company’s engineering and development groups bring new product features to market in quick fashion.


All told with Watson IoT and the IBM ELM services managed by ClearObject, Jaguar Land Rover has realized a number of benefits:


  • Improved requirements management, enabling quick adaption of new requirements as needed

  • New software-enabled features—like 3-D navigation and media playback systems—for a seamless user experience

  • Platform integration and collaboration across disciplines, time zones, and supply chains

  • Tighter control over complexity and risk throughout the product lifecycle

  • Improved test planning and test asset management

  • Improved workflow management and accelerated development outcomes

  • Continuous monitoring of the Jaguar Land Rover engineering and development environment, specific to the tools they use

  • Monitoring of the environment and OS for security patching

  • Updates in less time, which minimizes outage time

  • Minimized down time, resulting from fewer unplanned outages

  • ClearObject’s relationship with IBM Support; IBM Support teams have direct access to server logs to make fixes much faster

  • Cloud flexibility for a real data environment to create temporary environments, validate an existing environment, and more

  • Scalability via the cloud and Google data centers worldwide

  • Extensive security with a single-tenant virtual private cloud for deployment, and to monitor cloud and user activity


The reduction both in software validation time and bug-detection time, which in turn speeds time to market

Going Forward

The Watson IoT solution and IBM ELM services managed by ClearObject give Jaguar Land Rover engineering and development groups much-needed flexibility for future changes. These groups can adapt new requirements when needed, scale to new sites and locations, and so on. This will enable the company’s engineers to better uphold their practice of developing and introducing new automotive features in a quick and cost-effective manner.