Jazz Admin as a Service
Load balance your existing tools administration effort. Reduce expenses to a fraction of the cost.

Your mission is to deliver innovative products and services, which you do using IBM’s state-of-the-art ELM solution. Yet the administration of these tools can be a full-time effort, leaving less time for higher priority software engineering and product development.


Jazz Admin as a Service — JAaaS — from ClearObject can help. We partner with you to skillfully care for your tools and associated functions like diagnostics and user training, letting you focus entirely on activities that add value to the business. 


And unlike traditional managed services, you reduce and control costs by determining exactly how many hours of support you need each month.

With our team's admin expertise in the IBM Rational solutions like IBM ELM, you get white-glove management for the IBM tools you rely on every day. 

How our service works

1. You partner with a ClearObject consultant to identify the areas of greatest opportunity and determine how many hours of support you’ll need per month.

2. We agree upon the pricing package that works best for your organization and requirements, allowing you to load balance your existing administration effort and reduce expenses to a fraction of the cost.

3. ClearObject assigns a dedicated Jazz Administrator as your resident expert and partner for the IBM Rational toolset you use.


Along with implementing, customizing, and supporting your specific suite of Rational tools, your assigned Jazz Admin performs the following tasks as needed.



Jazz Admin as a Service handles all your administration tasks including the creation of projects, user management and tool integrations.


Training & Implementation

Training is of the most critical steps in successfully adopting a solution. From self-paced virtual training to best-practices webinars, the Jazz Admin as a Service offering supports your organization’s enablement needs.



From process template implementation to work item configuration, Jazz Admin as a Service is available to provide most any customization your organization’s needs.



To ensure maximum uptime, your dedicated Jazz Admin sets up diagnostics, troubleshoots errors and monitors your system performance.



From ticket and issue management to security controls management, Jazz Admin as a Service is your single point of contact for support.

Going beyond just managed services for IBM development tools

As an IBM Gold Business Partner, ClearObject brings knowledge and responsiveness together in the form of the IBM development process and IBM Support. And through our own highly skilled IBM solution experts, we extend this same knowledge and responsiveness to Jazz Admin as a Service. The advantage of JAaaS over conventional managed services? You work with a long-standing IBM partner — a single source you can trust to administer your operations for software engineering and product development.


Reduce overhead costs & 

maximize your investment


Strength in numbers –benefit from our 
broad experience


Streamlined support

for your environment


Solve problems quickly 
with SLA-driven 
response times


Certified experts who know your users and processes

pro tips.png

Best practices, pro-tips and training at your fingertips

Service FAQs

Q: If I don’t use my full allotment of hours, do hours roll over?

A: If hours aren’t utilized, you can roll-over up to 10 service hours from one month to the next. For example, if you have signed up for 40 hours, but only use 30, those 10 remaining hours can be rolled over to the next month. We will also monitor your usage to provide better ways to get the full benefit of your hours month-to-month.


Q: What happens if my designated Jazz Admin is unavailable?

A: We designate a primary Admin plus backup Admins, along with a named Service Delivery Manager to manage escalations and special requests.


Q: What happens if I have a special project coming up that requires additional work hours?

A: Sometimes our customers experience a surge in project work that exceeds their committed service tier. Our Service Delivery Managers have access to a large team of skilled engineers and can also arrange for additional muscle when you need it.


Q: Is this a 24/7 service?

A: Our Jazz Admins are available during standard local business hours. After-hours planned work can be accommodated with advanced notice on a best effort basis. We will work with you to ensure that your distributed groups have coverage during their standard business hours.


For pricing

Contact please visit www.clearobject. com/contact


Jazz Admin as a Service


Jazz Admin as a Service