Swinging Your Club into IoT

With the U.S. Open this past weekend (congratulations Koepka), golf season is here to stay. But, how’s your game this year? The Arccos Caddie steps it up to ensure you have the best strokes.

Arccos partnered with Microsoft to create the “world’s smartest caddie”. The Caddie has 14 ultralight sensors that you attach to the grip of your clubs. These track every shot, including distances and directional tendencies (which would be a huge help because I always tend to hook left).

“The resulting strategic advice will be smarter than anything that’s humanly possible.” – Sal Syed, CEO and co-founder of Arccos.

The golfer simply steps up to the tee box, opens the app and the Caddie presents a personalized strategy for hitting the ball. It analyzes your swing history and calculates shot distance (with wind and elevation calculated in), likelihood of hitting the freeway, chances missing left or right and even suggests what club to use.

The Caddie layers a user’s data with millions of other data points, including 61 million shots made by Arccos Community members. It also includes 40,000+ courses, so chances are high that your favorite course is in the system.

Cheers to understanding your game with more data and an Arnold Palmer.


The Arccos Caddie is a premium feature that can be purchased with the Arccos 360.

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Andrea Massimilian

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