Nike Just Changed Your Running Game

During your running routine you’re constantly trying to get a new personal record (PR). Well, Nike just made making your PR much more fun. Nike’s Unlimited Stadium, located in the Manila, Philippines, is the ‘first ever full size LED running track’ in the world. The track is 200-meters and from an aerial view looks like the footprint of Nike’s new LunarEpic running shoe.

You start by running one lap around the track, with hyper accurate RFID tracking your first time. Once you have that time, you attach a sensor to your shoe. Your avatar steps up to race against you, running your past best timed lap. Ultimately, you’re challenging your hardest competitor- yourself. Beat your avatar and it continues to run your best time; “challenging you to keep bettering your best”, according to Akane, Birdman. Up to 30 runners can be on the track at the same time so you can even run with friends. Who else wants to try out the Unlimited Stadium?



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Andrea Massimilian

Andrea Massimilian is the Multi-Channel Marketing Manager at ClearObject. Andrea came to the company after graduating from the University of Dayton and completing two years in the prestigious Orr Fellowship. A patron of the arts, more specifically musical theatre and all things Harry Potter related (#always), Andrea can usually be found exploring Indy’s cultural events including local theatre, film festivals, food festivals and everything in between.

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