Making Stories? There’s an App for That

Earlier this month, Steven Soderbergh and HBO unveiled the trailer for their new show; and it’s your new show.  Mosaic (starring Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Beau Bridges and several other big names) is a series where you get to interact with the narrative in an immersive mobile app.

Soderbergh developed this branching narrative piece with the app as a cornerstone.  Rather than retroactively fitting the story to the app or vice versa, they were developed in tandem.  Soderbergh emphasized that this process was intended to create a cohesive and intuitive user experience.

Through the app, the viewer will be able to select the point of views from which to follow the story.  This creates a unique viewing experience from each character’s perspective, allowing the viewer to re-watch and re-invent the narrative in each re-telling. Each decision the viewer makes builds upon itself, leading to different and engaging conclusions that weave back into one linear story.  Though intended to be accompanied by a 6-part mini-series set for release in January, the application will be released in November ahead of the linear series.

Branching narrative pieces are nothing new, but the introduction of interactive mapping technology applied to video clips, audio files and other media pieces makes the Mosaic experience futuristic and unique.

The user will act as a sort of secondary character to the narrative, actively influencing the direction of the story and the correlation of characters through their decisions.  The app will allow you to digitize and automate the all too familiar process of vocalizing your predictions, thoughts and revelations throughout a mystery series.

Connecting the audience to their media allows the viewer to become further invested and involved in the shaping of the narrative.  Collecting data from the users and tracking how they interact with your story allows you to make adjustments that better serve the viewer.

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Clare Maher

Clare Maher is the Product Marketing Manager at ClearObject. A graduate of Saint Mary’s College (#gobelles), Clare can usually be found yelling at the screen during a Notre Dame game, quoting any film ever made or touring the Indy restaurant scene.

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